Full Moon in Pisces 2014

“I am liberated from striving and careful choosing for I have sewn my sleeve to the hem of the robe of God” – Rumi

These next few days leading up to the Full Moon on September 8th are sensitizing beings in all ways and accelerating the evolution of consciousness in all of life. The Moon reaches fullness at 16 degrees of Pisces, and forms a conjunction with the comet Chiron who represents the wounded healer, shaman, teacher, Christ consciousness and the potential spiritual warrior in us all. We are born of Earth and to her our bodies shall return. We are made up of stardust, nebulae, and water, but we forget this…. feelings of vulnerability as well as vagueness at this time may only be covering the deeper sense that something very powerful is surfacing from within the depths of the Collective Soul.


Yemaya – by Danilo Lejardi

This something could be the realization of our oneness and interdependence – that if we don’t change collectively and awaken collectively, our lives on earth will dramatically shift in difficult ways beyond our imagining as it has already begun to do in many places. This is not to generate fear, but to simply state that that we cannot expect resources to be infinitely available on a finite planet that is being bombarded with toxins daily. We are simultaneously on the cusp of great new discoveries and possibilities with many solutions to our problems now finally within reach. With kindness, knowledge, respect and combined effort we can tremendously ease our transitioning into this realm that many of us have come to call the New Earth. There is yet another key ingredient for this alchemical process of turning the base metals and foul conditions of our lives into gold – and that is our ability to simply Be. It is our ability to be still, to listen, to cogitate, to dream, to let go of clutching to the notions that we have control over circumstances that we actually have absolutely no way of changing outwardly, especially when there is so much resistance.

At this time our egos may cry and oppose our possible transformations and spiritual ascension by exhibiting strong bodily symptoms, mental and emotional agitation…

“Help – this hurts! I’m dying!” or “No! I don’t want this, I won’t go there! I don’t want that to happen!” And yes, there are parts of us that are dying, as represented by the sweeping transits of Neptune between the Virgo New Moon on August 25th and this highly superfluous Pisces moon on the 9th. Venus in Virgo is also in opposition to Neptune in Pisces during this time, further reminding us of our interconnectedness in a way that seems almost unreal because we are not yet living the perfect ideals that we know deep down are possible in the grand scheme of things. Despite our doubts and fears, abundant synchronicities are flowing and propelling us forward…

When we completely surrender – not to lower conditions or unseen gods but to our internal knowing or divinity, we can do things that we could never do in our ordinary states of mind. This surrender is heart based rather than logical and linear. This is where the Holy Clown or Fool within us takes us on healing journeys and wild adventures of body, mind, and spirit that might seem totally far out to outside observers.

Things that were previously identified with and for long periods of time are now in a sort of disappearing process, or suddenly obsolete, which seems strange to behold. If you are feeling especially tired, confused, depressed or overwhelmed this could be part of the shift of attention going deeply inward, and for many into the very nature of existence itself.  Some surfacing memories may be unpleasant so allow them to be what they are and pass. Many gifts will be given, many special contacts be made (and many released), and many key moments of resonance will be had – such as in the “Eureka effect” prompting us to remember and act upon our dreams, visions, and aspirations from this and lives beyond.

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon’s degree placement in Pisces:

“An Easter Egg Parade; the Capacity Inherent in all Great Sociocultural Images to Unite the Members of a Community in a Display of Excellence”

Whoever and wherever, this is a time to unite with soul family, like minded community, spirit guides, tribal elders, and the stars…as well as to access the multi-dimensional self. It is also time to size down and simplify in areas that have become far too complicated (It may help to remember the saying “Simple living saves lives”)… the Sun in Virgo opposite of the Moon in Pisces is helping us to do just that!


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