Mars in Sagittarius 2014

I asked a good friend of mine yesterday how the Full Moon’s been treating her and she nonchalantly replied “It’s been ok for the most part. Over the weekend I jumped out of a plane…and yeah, that was cool” Following her reply was my uproar of laughter…”Oh ok, that’s all!” She proceeded to tell me how much I’d probably love sky-diving too, once I give it a try (which she declared with confidence that I will at some point…we’ll see…..maybe some time when Mars is transiting Sagittarius I’ll find the nerve!).  We talked on for a bit, sharing insights and encounters. “Yes, that sensation of total unexpected calmness makes sense! It’s kind of like the time I went inside of a cage and pet a tiger”, I said. We both agreed that either we’re just plain stupid or we’re on to something here…something……so enlivening.

Relevant things we have to look forward to this fall:


Mars enters Sagittarius on September 13th until the October 26th. It forms a reckless sesquiquadrate to Uranus the next day on the 14th as Mercury enters the shadow of its Retrograde through October that will also station Direct in Libra on October 26th. The planet of fiery passion in the sign of adventure spell out sass, splendor, and spectacular dances within the borders of death.

Mars in Sagittarius is as much about savoring the last strawberry we may ever eat to testing our limits on how much hot sauce we can down, how much ice we can sit in, how long we can maintain an intense yoga posture, or how fast we can drive when nobody else is on the road.  You get the picture that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist or an athlete to appreciate the fine qualities that this transit potentially stimulates within and around us.

It really can also help us to also get off our haunches if we’re stuck somewhere, somehow, and can’t see a solution or a way out. Mars in Sag says “When there is a will, there is a way!”

Whether you’re timid about asking someone on a date or just need to make some pretty huge and disconcerting changes in your life that completely take you out of your comfort zone, take heart – for Mars in Sagittarius is here to save the day – and the month. This super hero combination won’t let us not do what we want or need to do, no matter how bumpy, trippy or intimidating it may seem.


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