Mars In Sagittarius – Divine Retribution or Transformation

With Mars entering Sagittarius today, the heat is on! By the time many of you read this Mars will have exited the shadowy depths of Scorpio where much has been reckoned with and released and burst through the gates of the house of the fiery archer. There is an excitement in the air that tells us we should change direction, try something or go somewhere new, and commit more deeply to a pursuit for freedom and truth.

Pozhara fire godSome people may have a tendency to become too pushy about their version of “truth”, particularly of the religious variety (Mars in Sagittarius has often been known as a crusader) , while to others it will simply become more apparent as what they believe is repeatedly met with confirmation.

The greatest danger with Mars here is that we or others will fight mercilessly wherever injustice has been witnessed, without weighing out the pros and cons of any particular execution.  Sparks and tempers may fly, but facts and intentions should be double-checked before definitive action taken with Mercury slowing down to Retrograde in Libra, holding every word said in its scales.

We have an especially great opportunity over the next few weeks – until October 26th to push through some major obstacles in our way if we don’t let the destructive energy of Mars get the better of us. We know how miscommunications can wreak havoc on relationships but we also know that certain misconduct is or has been intentional…and this is what may enrage the Mars in Sagittarius person and those with planets being activated by this transit. We can either explode and place blame on things and others that make our lives more difficult than they should be or we can direct that passionate energy to our own transformative and evolutionary process.

Mars forms a square to Neptune in Pisces on September 21st, ironically on “International Peace Day”. This is when nightly dreams might really start getting weird as will possibly interaction from those who wield some kind of religious or seemingly magical power and influence over us or the world. It is equally possible that heightened spiritual states liberate us from oppressive outside influences.

Into the first week of October Mars begins to square Chiron which might bring up some very raw emotions that need physical outlets for release and expression. Meanwhile we receive help from a Grand Kite that trines Mars to Jupiter in Leo, Uranus in Aries, and the Sun in Libra. There is an optimism and readiness to act on our convictions with fairness and level-headedness rather than cruelty or rashness, thanks to Libra’s inherent desire for peace and equilibrium. After all, we need friends and allies to achieve many of our goals for as alien as we may sometimes feel we are not islands unto ourselves.

With Mars in this sign and Mercury Retrograde we are in for a wild ride, but the harmony between Sagittarius and Libra indicate that we got this – we can do this without running ourselves into the ground or losing our minds. If either of those things start to happen, don’t be afraid to stop, recalibrate and “reboot”. Cheers to wild adventures and revelations! ❤


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