Venus in Libra 2014

Venus entered Libra today, where our goddess planet of love and beauty is most comfy and at ease with herself and others. Thank heavens for this transit while Mercury is going Retrograde to help take the edge off of some otherwise sharp relationship situations. She will be moving through Libra until the Scorpio Solar Eclipse of October 23rd.


Birth of Venus Aphrodite by Brenda Burke

With Venus in this sign we’re more inclined to listen when others speak, and to seek out equality and fairness wherever possible. We’re overall less aggressive and want to get along, but a pacifist attitude should not be taken at the expense of ones dignity and sense of personal justice. Venus adores beauty and is completely in love with love here, and she also wants everything to be pretty, sweet, and merry. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t quite work that way, much of the time. The Victorian era makes a perfect example of what Venus in Libra might do if such a transit lasted that long – decorating everything and everyone to look pretty and frilly, as a cover up for the intensity of harsh living conditions and how short-lived they are underneath. Oh yeah – and Venus in Libra, just like Venus in Taurus loves to shop. Don’t overdo it, especially since Retrograde Mercury (from October 4th until October 26th) means expensive items may be regretfully returned. If we’re aware of this temptation, we can most certainly be more practical in our approach.

In any case, artistic appreciation and inspiration will be heightened, making this an excellent time to catch up on projects begun a year or so ago that may be useful for upcoming holiday events. The goddess of love has been known to have major difficulties making decisions about her lovers, so this is not the most ideal time for new commitments, marriage, or business ventures. However if you already have something in motion this influence could very well enhance that flow.

Venus squares Pluto during the Lunar Eclipse of October 8th, which can build up the intensity of bonds, possessiveness, and expectations within close relationships. At the same time she joins the Grand Kite action with the Sun in Libra, Jupiter in Leo, Uranus in Aries, and Mars in Sagittarius. This is very progressive to say the least, indicating that no matter how painful certain relationships and relationship endings may seem right now it is more than likely that they’re for the best interest of both parties. We’re being pushed by others who are close to us (or leaving us) to evolve more fully into ourselves!

By the 17th of October Venus and Mercury pair up and breathe some diplomacy or at least some poetry into our possibly jumbled communications. Venus in Libra is highly attracted to her opposites, so this month be alert to contrariness in what is both projected outward and attracted…

Ok, enough of this writing (or reading) – it’s time to go decorate!


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