Taurus Full Moon 2014

On November 6th the Full Moon reaches 14 degrees of Taurus, bringing us closer to terra firma, raising the conscious awareness of our bodily senses, and the significance of the psyche in shaping our somatic experiences. The Earth is alive and magic is afoot…we upon the earth are becoming more aware of our place here, how we relate to Her, and how we influence each other by how and where we place our values.

hathorThe Full Moon is conjunct with star Almach in Andromeda, which is believed to give “success in Venusian occupations” as well as artistic abilities. This could certainly enhance Taurus’s talent for singing and other expressions of beauty. The goddess Hathor is also energetically aligned with Venus-ruled Taurus, as this highly revered, celestial cow goddess presides over music, dance, the arts, and the sky itself. A group of Venusian beings known as the Hathors have been channeled through Tom Kenyon, to share with humanity the ways of ascension, circular breathing, sound healing and harmony.

With the Moon reaching fullness in Taurus we are put in touch with both the needs we know about and have repressed, in ourselves and upon the earth. It is becoming evident that certain factors must be addressed in order to prevent breakdowns or disasters. The ability that each of us has to play a part in What Is by what we choose to be, do, or focus on, is also being highlighted.

With the moon now opposite of Venus which has been close to the Sun since the new moon eclipse of October 23rd, that which we most desire can be made tangible in this sign, but not without a price. Taurus doesn’t mind this, but will seek out the best “deals”, making both efficiency and affordability equal priorities when it comes to purchases as well as launching new endeavors. Taurus understands that we pay not only with money but with our time, energy, and other resources. Money is just a metaphor and a methodology we’ve all been trained to utilize, not a means to an end in itself. Self worth becomes an even more pressing matter in the unbeatable race against time, society, and possibly those who don’t or won’t agree with what one represents or with who one is – or what we don’t dare to express and share because it is too taboo. We may recall the story of the Tortoise and the Hare, finding comfort in being methodical, persistent, and on target versus either overly confident or not confident enough and ultimately distracted. The second sign seeks to help us stabilize and in its highest expression seeks quality versus quantity, authenticity versus mediocrity, and genuine aliveness versus bare survival.

Mercury exiting the shadow of its recent Retrograde and the Moon’s trine with Chiron in Pisces makes many of us more sensitive to sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and other sensations especially as they evoke past memories and wounds that we may finally be ready to heal if we are not overly identified with them to this day. A trine to Pluto in Capricorn puts us deeply in touch with emotional nuances, those of ourselves and others around us. It goes to the point where empathy may need to be curbed and replaced by the resoluteness to hold the frequencies opposite of other people’s pain, trauma, and drama.  That means exercising or developing our ability to remain cool and calm in the midst of the storm, as transformation happens easiest when we don’t resist. Sometimes a little smile goes a long way, under otherwise unsavory circumstances.

We are also challenged to be truthful as possible and trusting in the appropriate settings. This is very much a balancing act that Mercury and the North Node in Libra has helped to facilitate in the past couple of weeks. How can we affect positive change if we are constantly pushed around by the tides of human emotion, knocked hither and thither by the moods, words, and deeds of so many people out there from politicians to publishers, coworkers, relatives, friends and neighbors? Taurus shows us how by making our own emotional experiences and sensations so big that we just have to pay attention to what our inner selves are telling us instead of what the world seems to be telling us.

It will be a day as this is a week to visit the secret caverns of our psyches, the buried pages of our history, and the sacred gardens of our precious planet. In rare, still moments such as these… recognition, remembrance, and revelations may be had that change the course of our destinies.


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