New Moon in Sagittarius 2014

For many it’s been a weepy, weird, and wistful week as the waning moon with Sun in Scorpio dredges up the last of what it can in our murky depths before entering the next sign. Chiron is also stationing to go Direct in Pisces on the 24th, recalling to our hearts and minds many deep wounds that we have buried and carried for far too long, now finally ready to let go.

The New Moon at Zero degrees of Sagittarius on the 22nd is the second of a series of five Zero degree New Moons in a row and serves as a kick-starter for greater tasks and adventures to begin in the new year of 2015. One of these tasks has to do with becoming more aligned with personal inner truth. There is a paradox that oftentimes the farther out into the world one goes (in exploration of both physical or mental kinds), the deeper they come in touch with themselves. This sign loves travel and exploration like no other and also has no qualms about speaking its truth in any given situation.  The need to be truthful and honest first and foremost with ourselves is indeed pretty much reaching a “critical degree”, a turning point that indicates it is no longer possible to be anything less than authentic in some area where there was previously too much to hide behind.

We’ve come far along enough in the labyrinth of hard edged squares this year that we’ve reached some rounder, softer terrain – which means it’s time celebrate for a minute. Uranus and Pluto will have at it again on December 14th, but regardless of this, during this New Moon and the days that follow there may be many sensations of emotional release, relief, exhilaration, and levity beginning to emerge even amid those with sniffles and other winter discomforts.

Jupiter as the planet ruling Sagittarius makes a slight square to the New Moon from Leo which excites us to action with greater confidence than previously this year. The Moon’s square with Neptune should alert us to a need to be practical about this however. Nothing, however virtuous or beneficial it may seem is foolproof, especially now that this planet has just come back into Direct motion (as of the 15th, since June 9th) where ironically it is less direct in motion than when backward.

With Venus in Sagittarius not too far ahead of this New Moon more people are beginning to let go of some of their insecurities, jealousies, and dissatisfactions in love and simply be willing to live a bit more in the moment – after all this moment is all we really have.

I don’t know who the artist is of this image but it speaks to me of the coming energies associated with this New Moon…


Friendships are beginning to heal and blossom. Nature draws our attention to its magic and great splendor. Inspiration, passion and renewed enthusiasm for life and love are on the horizon!


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