Mercury Retrograde checklist!

I can already hear the moans of dread and protest…yep, here we go, again. As if life wasn’t hard enough with Mercury supposedly going “Direct”.

Mercury turns Retrograde one week from today – on the 21st until February 11th – now is the time to tie up important loose ends, cush up with supportive tools and provisions to help cope with the vibes of confusion and review. Get that appointment set up if need be, send out those documents, clean that car, whatever.


It can be helpful to buy or prepare special items you think you’ll need or use before Mercury actually turns Retrograde, from matches and batteries to dried foods and medicines. Here are a few suggestions but your personal needs, goals and concerns could be quite different from mine:

  • specific herbs and vitamin supplements
  • inspirational books
  • flower essences to address states of mental agitation and stress
  • crystals to wear or hold
  • a box of tissues or handkerchief for emergency crying
  • fix or replace broken items to be utilized during the next 3 weeks
  • clear up any banking or legal issues, delay important new actions until mid-Feb
  • happy music
  • sad music
  • clean blankets, lots of blankets…
  • an old or fairly new journal – pick up where left off

Hug a tree, kiss a fairy, light a candle, wish upon a star!


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