February Full Moon 2015

The Full Moon on February 3rd is 14 degrees of Leo, a shining light in the dark of winter and quite memorable round of Mercury Retrograde. Conjunct with Jupiter this Full Moon comes as a saving grace just when many of us thought all our good luck had run out and we saw more of the bad headed our way. Optimism, humor, and magnanimity may surprise those who have perceived themselves as heading further into debt or darkness. The Full Moon’s sextile to the North Node in Libra and trine to Uranus and the South Node brings people back into alignment with planetary consciousness, personal meaning and vision. The inconjunct to Pluto indicates that the tense square with Uranus is not letting up, so this is not a time to throw caution to the wind. It is a time to clarify or simply remember what it is that we are purging, releasing and transforming and why. We are not here to experience one meaningless struggle after another but to evolve.

In Leo, children and creativity are highlights, so there may be themes to address around both the children in our lives and the expression of creativity, both theirs and ours. Romance is another area that Leo lights up, indicating that affairs of the heart hold a special significance at this time. Drama is a danger in this sign so be careful how things are being said and interpreted, especially since Mercury in the opposite sign, Aquarius continues to be Retrograde until the 11th.

Josephine-Wall artThere is an Inner Child that lives within us all, for some this child is painful to connect with and for others a conscious connection brings a refreshing break from monotony and the rigors of adult life. This Inner Child needs attention in order to thrive and heal from its wounds. It is this child who is now being stirred to new heights of imagination and love with the Leo Jupiter Moon, if we so allow him/her the journey and expansion to take place.

The Full Moon’s trine to Pallas Athene brings inspiration and a reconnection with intuitive faculties which may have been severely interrupted during the past couple weeks. Overall this is a favorable Full Moon, and one that could potentially invite more joy into our lives.


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