New Moon 29 degrees Aquarius

“It all depends on how we look at things, and not on how they are themselves” – Carl Jung

We had a New Moon at 0 degrees of Aquarius on January 20th, and this second one on February 18th occurs at the very last minute of the last of 29 degrees of this sign. It is also the second of six Supermoons this year. These details strongly suggest that we have reached a significant completion and are not only on the brink of a new year (Chinese new year of the goat begins the following day), but also of a new and profound realization, and in many ways a new life. At the border between the airy realm of intellect and the watery depths of emotion, this New Moon beckons us to move forward from wherever we may have been stuck, struggling or on pause since the Winter Solstice in and into the next phase of our journey.


In Aquarius the emphasis the past few weeks has been on clarifying the goals, visions, desires, and innermost wishes both for ourselves and the world at large. We’ve noticed the many ways that we are alike and the particular things that make us unique. Who’s company, if any, do we keep in our darkest hours, and in our brightest? It may be time to reconnect with friends, colleagues, and team members toward specific pursuits. For many, a weeding out of what doesn’t work or fit into the picture anymore has been a central theme, and for others a dedication to what is true and what resonates has finally been made. The current New Moon is challenging our ego’s attempts to figure things out and thrusting us into the vortex of the unknown, so that as we fly, land, or swim we may trust in our hearts to lead the way.

Neptune in Pisces being closely aligned with the New Moon forms a square with Saturn in Sagittarius, presenting the opportunity to face and eradicate deeply embedded or crippling fears, illusions, and delusions. The Jupiterian energy behind this square makes also us more daring or outgoing than usual. Change will be more readily embraced by many and celebrated by those who have long hoped, prayed and worked toward this monumental moment or moments of release from limitations.

Mars and Venus together in the last degrees of Pisces indicate culminations that may bring peace and harmony into many relationships. The asteroid Eros is joined with this planetary couple, highlighting the various expressions of erotic, romantic, or spiritual love that may be present.

As the New Moon peaks amid the square between Pluto and Uranus and in the next few days to follow, a sought after solution might be found within the problem itself, an answer within the question, with the result an opening or exit formed within an enclosed space or situation of previous constraint. Whoever and wherever we may be, it has suddenly become apparent that we have come a very long way from who, what and where we have been…


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