Full Moon in Virgo 2015

Now and until the end of March 5th is the perfect time for prayers, praises, chants, giving thanks, and for “random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty”, as all are being heightened in ways we can only vaguely imagine. Whatever we focus upon is being magnified on all planes of existence. If feeling lost or unsure, we have only to request assistance from our inner, wiser selves to help direct our energies in the most auspicious manners. We are finally exiting the shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde which lasted from January 21st until February 11th. A sense of lightness and clarity is emerging.

tree spiritsThe Full Moon on March 5th is at 14 degrees of Virgo, in a harmonious trine with transformative Pluto. A central theme of this moon is one of manifestation, from the realms of spirit into matter and physicality.The Virgo/Pisces axis indicate that we are seeking self-improvement and an integration of both earthly and mystical energy, but since the Full Moon occurs in Virgo we are specifically seeking a body-mind-spirit integration, and one that helps us function more efficiently on this plane. This could take the form of adopting a new health regimen, organizing a business, acquiring medical or scientific knowledge, growing herbs or making herbal medicines for examples. The Moon’s conjunction with the Black Moon Lilith suggests a profound awakening of both inner and outer senses, desires, and psychic impressions. The opposition with Neptune and Chiron further increases this misty, swirly, in some ways confounding combination of energies that indicate it is time to surrender an unhealthy version of our self and many of its outdated pains, gains, stories, traumas, and dramas…and it is time to move forward into a new life. The somewhat indirect connection to the ongoing Yod between Jupiter, Chiron and Pluto that began last year and is being repeated now continues to push our buttons and open doors to us this month that were previously closed. The North Node, Mars, Uranus, and Venus together in Aries inconjunct the Full Moon also mean that we can expect heaping in-the-face dosages of the unexpected, of course in the areas that we least expect.

This is a sacred Moon in Tibetan Buddhism, called Chotrul Duchen, and is believed that all virtuous and non-virtuous thoughts and actions are multiplied 10 million times this day. Wherever we may be it is a day and a time to rejoice in the beauty and bounty of the Earth, and if possible to contribute in some way to her preservation and flourishing…


May all beings be happy, may all beings be free ❤


2 thoughts on “Full Moon in Virgo 2015

  1. Enjoyed reading this so much. thank you. My ascendant is 14 degrees virgo. I might have missed this cluster of aspects if I had not read this.

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