Spring Solar Eclipse in the Natal Chart

The Solar Eclipse this March 20th at 29 degrees of Pisces precedes the Spring Equinox when the Sun enters the sign of Aries. Due to this extra potent Supermoon eclipse many significant phases and situations are coming to end as new ones are about to begin.

piscesBecause this eclipse falls at the last degree of the watery and nebulous sign of Pisces, the energy around many changes taking place may seem dreamy, confusing, dissipating, or inspiring in their effects. The trick with the Neptunian realm we have been swimming or being carried away in lately is that logic does not necessarily have a place. Common knowledge and practical solutions don’t apply in this realm. We are reminded that sometimes the only thing we can do when confronted with great challenge is to surrender our problems to the Divine and our infinite self that safeguards the answers to our most pressing questions until we are ready for them.

As we move into the sign of Aries during the following days and weeks, vitality and clarity will increase. Many current stresses , losses, and blockages will soon be followed by personal renewal.

What is coming to an end in your life as something is simultaneously coming into being? To better understand how the eclipse might be affecting you personally you can check your natal chart to see what house it is transiting and what planets are being aspected:

Basic Meanings of the Houses  

1st: Identity, personality, appearance

2nd: Values, possessions, self-worth

3rd: Communication, studies, short journeys, siblings

4th: Home life, heritage, parents, security

5th: Children, creativity, love affairs

6th: Work, health, nutrition

7th: Relationship, marriage, commitments

8th: Death, legacies, transformation

9th: Philosophy, religion, rituals, long journeys

10th: Career, reputation, personal power

11th: Visions, goals, friends, group endeavors

12th: Secrets, selfless service or suffering, spirituality

Basic Meaning of the Planets

Sun : father, soul energy, life-force

Moon: mother, personality, memories, nurturing

Mercury: communication, mental processing, travel

Venus: love, beauty, affection

Mars: aggression, strength, sexuality,

Jupiter: fortune, expansion, higher learning

Saturn: restriction, delays, foundations

Uranus: surprises,  ingenuity, intuition

Neptune: inspiration, confusion, music, spiritual illumination

Pluto: destruction, intensity, transformation


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