Mass Suicide, Money & the Uranus Pluto Square Aftermath

Now that the Uranus Pluto square from June 2012 to March 2015 has been finalized and we barely made our way through a mini-series of rude awakenings, get ready what comes after. This aftermath could last for a few years. Shocking Uranus in fiery fast-moving Aries has just popped the lid off a can of explosive Pluto in down-to-business earth based Capricorn. If you think the smell of cow manure is offensive, the toxins being released into the air now are the foulest possible things one could imagine flying from Pandora’s box, apparently leaving us nothing but a trace of mere hope to survive.

From my perspective there is also an evolutionary process in motion with powerful breakthroughs in science, medicine, and metaphysics. Incredible advancements in individuals and groups are taking place. This is a period in which deep purification, healing, creativity and profound knowledge is being made available to us in a massive way. That doesn’t mean we should or even can ignore the ugliness around us and simply pray that all is well (most don’t have that luxury). It means that the more aware we become the more responsibility we each have to live and share our truth without preaching and invading other peoples’ rights. There are fewer places to for inauthenticity and fakery to hide, yet still so many people have yet to wake up or even have the means and knowledge to free themselves from the terrible mires they’ve been stuck in.

Do we really have a collective death wish or is something hidden going on that should be brought to our attention? Mass murder affects the entire world and not just the highly unfortunate areas like Syria. The mass deaths and suicides that take place over bankruptcy and prescription drug dependency and abuse in America have skyrocketed over the past decade. There is always money to be made at the expense of our suffering, and biotech companies such as Monsanto are waiting with baited breath for the spreading starvation of our entire species, so that in our desperation we become dependent on their body-mind-numbing systems.

Meanwhile, there is always someone, just as there was in the Wizard of Oz, pulling strings behind the scenes that we haven’t even thought to ask about, while something or someone else is thrown in our face to distract and capture our attention. If we follow that something or someone wherever it leads, we may find ourselves at the point of no return.

The Pied Piper of Politics (and/or Religion)

741px-Pied_Piper2Beware the Pied Piper of the Modern Age, who comes in many guises, sometimes as jester, and other times as an authority figure demanding our respect. A common guise is one that looks or feels greasy to sell us something – something that already belongs to us and has been stolen, repackaged and laced with poison. The Piper hypnotizes with his tunes, and snatches children and unwitting adults away from their homes and hearts. With Saturn in truth-seeking Sagittarius in a square to fog-producing Neptune until September 2016 we are challenged to look below the surface for what and who can be trusted. The masses will question both authority and reality, along with the invisible chains they’ve been whipped around with for so long.

Where Money Goes

Isn’t it so that money and the lack of it often cause people to self-destruct? The significance of money is found in the sign of Taurus the Bull, a beast that has been deified since ancient times as a representation of life force energy, power, procreation and unwavering strength. As the sun passes through this sign (this April 20th until May 20th) there will be extra inspiration and opportunities to “take the bull by the horns”, hone our own skills, grow our own foods, discover our own inner and outer worth, gaining more tangible effects than at other times in our endeavors overall. If money seems to be sucked up and drained away by outside sources, there may be a need to investigate the integrity and usefulness of those sources. Keeping those bullshit detectors activated as we’re continually barraged by advertisements aimed at our every weakness would also be ideal.

The “Impossible” Made Possible

6fd71237a8e463efabbdc1edef4f521dThe task at hand is a lot like what Brian Froud’s Faerie Oracle card, the Undressing of a Salad represents, which is to do and juggle the impossible. If at all a thing is impossible and yet must be done, it will become possible in the very process of doing it. A sort of deconditioning is also hinted at here, in order to reach the pure state of a thing’s beingness before it became “dressed”, embellished, or conditioned in a certain way.

Fortunately into the spring season we are connected with some very stabilizing earth energies, rocks, and surfaces that assist us in achieving balance, giving us a better chance at doing the impossible and fantastic. Perhaps some of the stabilizing stuff at our disposal could be money, jewels, or similar forms of value and exchange.

Traditionally ancient fertility goddesses were celebrated at this time of year, such as Ostara, Germanic goddess of the dawn and spring. Another one is Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of music, dance, beauty, and love. Symbolically we are connected with the court card Queen of Hearts.

Since money is a necessity to be able to both survive and thrive for most people, it would seem that what must change is our relationship to it. The corruption of big corporations and banks have been and will continue to be uncovered during Pluto’s transit through Capricorn. How we handle our own business and financial affairs in addition to where our values are placed will ultimately determine our overall health and vitality.


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