Jupiter Direct!

The deepest hopes, dreams, wishes of our hearts and souls have slowly been brewing for the past few months and are now showing signs of their readiness for manifestation.

heart_of_lightFrom December 8th 2014 until April 8th 2015 Jupiter was Retrograde in Leo. Since Jupiter is the planet of higher vision, expansion, and all the “good stuff” and its energies have been turned inward, this has been a particularly challenging period of time for many on both emotional and financial levels. It was as though gifts, abilities, and even certain people or objects could not be fully accessed during that time, because they were being processed and related to more on internal levels. The positive side of this Retrograde may have given us a clearer understanding of what truly supports our visions and what blocks our progress so that we can make changes accordingly. In Leo the willpower is strong, as is the desire for love and creative expression. Now that Jupiter has turned direct, it will be easier to express ourselves and experience more of the fiery exuberance that Leo represents along with the simple joys of living.

Although many of the seeds we planted last year are now bearing fruit, they are not quite ripe yet. As with all Retrogrades, we ought to allow a few weeks for Jupiter’s change of direction to “normalize” the associated affairs and any houses and personal planets being transited. Throughout the Summer season, many goals and projects that were put on hold since the holidays will move forward. In early July Jupiter will re-transit 23 degrees where the Retrograde began in December 2014, and there will be a resolution, release, or completion of what was happening at that time.

Big sighs of relief…


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