Scorpio Full Moon in May 2015

As we often hear in Hindu philosophy “birth is death and death is birth”, there are times we are met with such profound change or awakenings that our life seems but a dream, and our dreams or even near-death experiences seem more real than life. Life is fierce, bold, beautiful, and sometimes brutal. Life is not for the faint of heart, and we are reminded now of what indeed makes us tick on levels that involve more than just our complex bodily functions.

dali clocksThe Full Moon on May 3rd is at 13 degrees of Scorpio, unraveling the deepest of buried emotions, revealing hidden agendas, stirring both wounds and gifts that have been locked away for a very long time. In Scorpio we tend to want all or nothing, and with Jupiter forming a T-square to the opposition of Sun and Moon the feelings that arise now as a response to whatever life presents us with are as strong as feelings can be.

The Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio opposition is wedged up by Pluto – our oh-so-philanthropic pal of the zodiac. Actually, Scorpio being ruled by Pluto can in its darker manifestations influence power and financial developments and schemes at the expense of others. Governments and corporations are well aware of occult symbolism that they use to manipulate both their slaves and their buyers. Since Pluto is here to help us out this time, it is possible that we are capable of receiving information now about the way things really operate so that we can become more discerning in the future about who and what to trust and engage in. What comes up from the murky depths of the subconscious or the vast network of the Powers That Be is less important that what we choose to do with it.

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon 13-14 degrees of Scorpio is “Telephone linemen at work installing new connections”. The importance of establishing new channels of communication is highlighted, which includes non-verbal forms of communication such as sign language, art, and telepathy. Scorpio is also the sign that can facilitate deeper levels of communication, healing, union, and spiritual breakthroughs than we have experienced before.

There is a magic in the air this week that can be tapped into for transformation and manifestation. This potent Full Moon closely coincides with Beltane, the midpoint between Spring and Summer long celebrated in European cultures with maypole and fire dancing, flowers, sex, and fertility rituals.

Mercury enters the pre-shadow of its Retrograde in Gemini the day after the Full Moon, on May 4th and turns Retrograde from May 18th until June 11th. A few mundane affairs might begin falling into disarray and electronic devices may need some extra attention. My motto for MR cycles is to go with the flow and “don’t try to push any boulders uphill”.


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