New Moon in Cancer – July 2015

“If you can honor your emotions as the life giving water element they are, they will behave exactly as water does. They’ll flow and change, shift their states, react and respond appropriately, and create the perfect ecosystem in which you can flourish.” – Karla McLaren, The Language of Emotions


The New Moon at 23 degrees of Cancer on July 15th represents a release and renewal in the realm of emotions. It is revealing to us our inner landscape of feelings, whether they have been repressed or expressed, with joy, sadness, or a mask of indifference. We can run and hide from emotional truth but it will always find us.giphy (1)

LaVérité (The Truth) by Jules Joseph Lefebvre

LaVérité (The Truth) by Jules Joseph Lefebvre

Mars and Mercury conjunct the New Moon and in exact opposition to Pluto exposes both inner and outer conflict, reflected in massive global upheavals and a widespread deconstruction of long held relationships and beliefs. Something that one has identified with all their life is not necessarily in alignment with who they are. Sometimes what millions have accepted as gospel is nothing more than a crutch and a mirage.

When we reach a certain limit – hit a certain wall that will allow us to go no further, we must be willing to plummet the depths of our souls for direction and meaning or lack of direction and meaning as the case may seem to be. The prospect of emptiness is can be terrifying, but it is ultimately liberating. We are on a vast and mysterious journey, occupying finite bodies in an infinitely stretching space. We are as much creators in life as we have ourselves been created. Perhaps we need to find the humor in all of this, to rekindle the magic of childlike wonder, and to scrap whatever we think we know about what really matters in the grand scheme of things. We are encouraged to laugh, cry, scream, sigh, and to paint, dance, sing, strum or drum our fears, betrayals, victories, inspirations and longings.

The New Moon is conjunct the asteroid Eros, named after the god of erotic love. When this asteroid becomes prominent it highlights some aspect of eroticism, with the sign and planets involved (always somewhere between Venus and Mars) representing the areas being heightened in relation to this. Eros in Cancer seeks emotional renewal through erotic or sexual exchange. The psychic aspect of intimacy becomes almost more important than the physical. Empathic, telepathic and intuitive faculties with regard to loved ones may be so powerful now they are impossible to dismiss.

Cancer by Josephine Wall

Cancer by Josephine Wall

It is believed that many of us have a subconscious yearning to return to the security of the womb, the source, or the mystic place in the universe that we call Home. Cancer as the Cosmic Mother envelopes us in her warm watery embrace, and reminds us that wherever we are, we are already one with her, that we can unpack our heavy bags or lie down for a rest when need to. Anything we can imagine or see in our mind’s eye we can actualize in our outer life.

The strong influence from Pluto we have had since July 1st indicates we are in the midst of a profound transformation of body, mind, and spirit. It’s opposition now to the New Moon in Cancer means we are challenged to let go of what doesn’t serve us, doesn’t truly reflect us, doesn’t inspire us, and doesn’t do us justice. We are invited into the great Unknown, to be and do with wild abandon what has long been forbidden.

“In Beauty may I walk.
All day long may I walk.
Through the returning seasons may I walk.
On the trail marked with pollen may I walk.
With grasshoppers about my feet may I walk.
With dew about my feet may I walk.
With Beauty may I walk.
With Beauty before me, may I walk.
With Beauty behind me, may I walk.
With Beauty above me, may I walk.
With Beauty below me, may I walk.
With Beauty all around me, may I walk.
In old age wandering on a trail of Beauty,
lively, may I walk.
In old age wandering on a trail of Beauty,
living again, may I walk.
It is finished in Beauty.
It is finished in Beauty.”

– Navaho Blessing Way Ceremony


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