Aquarius Full Moon 7-31-15

“Show me your original face before you were born.” – Zen Koan

The Full Moon at 7 degrees Aquarius on July 31st 2015 is a Blue Moon, which means it is the second Full Moon to fall within a month, seeming to double the effects of its powerful influences. All Full Moons heighten emotions, creativity and intuition in various degrees of intensity, and this one is brimming with possibility. Aquarian energy is airy, intellectual and humanitarian in nature. The inherent defiance of this sign tramples over all sorts of lines, rules, and constructs not easily crossed by most – right now, it and We will not be censored.

The Aquarian Blue Moon is revealing both the positive and negative motivations of ourselves and others and demands confrontation with both the ugly and beautiful aspects of life and humanity that have long been buried or stifled. If we can embrace our own shadows rather than trying to disown certain aspects of ourselves we don’t like or feel ashamed of, we can use darkness as fuel to heal and expand in consciousness and love. The Moon’s opposition to Mercury in Leo prompts us to clarify out intentions and express ourselves accordingly.

I looked up at the Moon’s increasing glow last night, suddenly filled with a wonder and awe I’ve not felt in awhile. In a flash, its message became clear. It was like going back to the future, having access to the library of the infinite, being perfectly still within chaos and motion as in a sense of spinning very quickly such as that in the dance of the Whirling Dervish. It was a moment akin to the mystic state of Ain Soph, a Kabbalistic phrase used to describe that which is without limit…

The Full Moon just precedes Retrograde Venus’s reentry into the sign of Leo.  As though living through a Salvador Dali painting or a strange dream this transition may seem like sliding from a river raft into a vast although not barren desert, a “Burning Man” of a sort. Basically anything could happen, and while that is always true, it is especially noticeable now.  With past, present, and future all one things can be created, destroyed, done or undone, are as real or unreal as we are willing to allow. Reality and our perception of it is being put to the test.

Not sure where this image came from but for me it symbolically describes some of the energy of this Full Moon



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