New Moon in Leo 8-14-15

Lion-cubs-image-lion-cubs-36139610-1920-1200Love is the flavor of the week and of the New Moon 21 degrees of Leo on August 14th. Whether falling in or out of love, there is an expansiveness of heart and soul that moves us to the next level. And whether a love affair with another or a love affair with life, there is so much passion and energy behind each action and sensation that everything may seem brighter, more inspiring, and more worthwhile than ever before.

The New Moon is conjunct Venus as well as Eros, the asteroid named after Venus Aphrodite’s son. This fiery stellium signals an exaltation of all forms of love, affection, and sensuality and it heightens them to the nth degree. Just to make sure we got the drift, Jupiter paired up with Cupido – another of the 4 great Love Asteroids during his entrance into Virgo on the 11th.

This is the peak phase of Venus’s Retrograde through Leo, bringing many happy returns in love, creativity, money, and all the good stuff that makes the world go around. Certain things we thought were lost are now showing up in better condition than we left them. Other things we gave up on as pointless are now proving to have been either great learning experiences or things of value in ways he hadn’t previously considered.

Mercury in Virgo opposite of Neptune in Pisces leading up to this New Moon might be making it hard to see the forest for the ocean, the trees for the seaweed. There’s a lot going on and at times like these it can get tricky to tell the difference between what’s coming and going, what’s wrong or right, who’s for or against us. A few moments turned inward can help bring clarity. Remember to breathe!

Asteroid Vesta approaching Uranus in Aries and squaring Pluto in Capricorn indicates a great deal of conflict or fear around internal power and outward aggression, and particularly sexual power that must somehow be expressed, released or transformed so that harmful implosions or explosions do not occur. Plutonian power can destroy or heal from the inside out. If we’re consciously tuned into the currently heightened Venusian frequencies of love, we are driven not by lust and self-concern but by altruism and appreciation, automatically infusing powerful acts with love.

The New Moon forms a trine with Uranus so a few surprises are inevitable throughout the weekend…


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