Venus Retrograde and the Authentic Life

“You cannot stand fully in the truth of your being as long as you continue to demand acceptance, approval and validation from people outside of yourself. Be willing to piss people off if it means standing up for the truth of who you are.” 

– Iyanala Vanzant

This weekend is strongly influenced by the shadow side of Venus, moving retrograde, unseen and combust the Leo Sun. The third phase of Leo is ruled by Mars, indicating a high degree of will power, with the drive to confront and outshine all that stands in the way of authenticity. The catchy phrase “follow your heart” takes on a whole new meaning at this point. It broadens in its scope to include saying NO to other people, things and die-hard habits that drain our time and energy. It means putting an end to egoic people-pleasing and pointless pursuits that don’t do a thing to enhance the joy in life. A reorientation in our closest relationships, including the one we have to ourselves does away with what no longer holds truth for us and brings us in touch with the deepest desires in our souls.

Meanwhile Jupiter’s recent entrance into Virgo on the 11th turns our energy toward self-improvement and cleaning up after a year-long “party” in Leo. We would do well to make the best of the next eight days of the Sun’s transit in this creative fire sign as we can. Some of us are willing and ready to surrender to the inner life,  but others fight against it with all sorts of methods to avoid facing their shadows. Clearing house physically and mentally is not always easy work, but it is well worth the effort. Even one small step a day, or a series of them will  begin to remove even the biggest blocks, making them less formidable, as the road opens and our options in life expand.

Major goddess asteroid Ceres in Capricorn forms an earth trine with the Black Moon Lilith in Virgo as both are sextile to Saturn in Scorpio now. This serves to help strengthen the bonds that are nurturing and supportive in our lives and challenges us to let go of those that are not. It is the perfect time to de-cord, disconnect, and walk away from situations that do not honor who we truly are. Finding wholesome ways to physically feed ourselves and rejuvenate the piece of Earth that we inhabit are equally important.

Mercury in Virgo is easing out of an opposition with Neptune in Pisces while forming a trine with Pluto in Capricorn. This combined with Mars and the New Moon conjunct Retrograde Venus in Leo bring up some rather disconcerting emotions related to what we see versus what we get, what people say versus what they do, what we know versus how we actually allow ourselves to be.

There are times, such as those we are in now that it can be tricky to discern whether to act on something untoward seen or to remain a silent witness. I like using a method of Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian practice which assumes an inner responsibility for all ugliness and distress that is witnessed and transmuting it with love. I have also learned (the hard way) that is quite proper at times to allow other people to fall flat on their faces in order to figure something out by themselves. I used to try so hard to be polite about it, but the most challenging moments were when people who were acting in a condescending  manner had no clue that I could see right through them, as though their hidden motivations were as visible if not more so than seen through an x-ray.

“I am thankful for all of those who said NO to me. It’s because of them I’m doing it myself.” – Albert Einstein

Let’s remember to check in with ourselves over the next few days and ask if it’s some lofty idea of compassion or a deeply embedded fear that holds us back in life. There is often a fine line between being “nice” and being authentic.

I give great thanks to all of you who keep it real.


3 thoughts on “Venus Retrograde and the Authentic Life

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  2. Yes, This!
    I can not possibly express you how much of this is relevant to my life right now.
    What a huge confirmation that I am on the right path (for me). I have been healing so much and releasing so much that my life looks completely different to me these days….and this kind of healing, confronting one’s own shadow head on without reaching for whatever soothing poison is our crutch, is not for the faint of heart! It is heavy at times and hugely emotional. Releasing old habits that helped us survive in our families of origin can sometimes feel like precious pieces of us are falling away. Thank you for this ❤

    • So glad it was a confirmation for you! Indeed, the work of confronting our shadows and family karma is usually not easy but is such a relief in the long run. In letting go of all that grief we have been carrying we reclaim who we really are. Bless you ❤

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