Destiny Card Playlists

A month ago I started making playlists themed around the 53 Cards of Destiny, including the Joker. For those unfamiliar with these terms, the Destiny Cards are the same cards used as game playing cards, but with the original intention of the cards observed and expressed. These meaning of the cards are derived from an ancient esoteric system that incorporates astrology, numerology, and the shapes and symbols contained in the cards.

Each of us has a Birth Card, indicating the traits, gifts and challenges we were born with and some birthdays share the same card. Although the overall qualities remain intact, each of these days the card will express itself in a unique manner, according to calendar and astrological factors.


One of the most widely known authors and experts on the subject of the cards is Robert Camp. On his website 7thunders you can get free card readings, based on your birth date. One of my favorite authors on the subject is Sharon Jeffers, and you can listen to an interview I did with her awhile back here. Sharon’s website is starofthemagi and she also frequently posts the card of the day on her facebook page Cards of Destiny.

My first playlist was created for the King of Hearts on July 28th, and now on August 26 it is again a King of Hearts day. It seemed a perfect time to begin such a project, since the King of Hearts has rulership of all things related to love, creative expression, and music. With Venus Retrograde in Leo it’s been fun and funny flipping through so many oldies, although not all songs in the lists are very old.

King of Hearts Birthdays: 6/30 (Cancer), 7/28 (Leo), 8/26 (Virgo), 9/24 (Libra), 10/22 (Libra), 11/20 (Scorpio), 12/18 (Sagittarius). A person born on a KH day is often a powerful leader of some sort, a proud and honorable parent, a prolific artist or musician, and quite headstrong in their relationships. On a King of Hearts day the power of love is both a lesson and a blessing. Beauty and artistic expression is important, as is compassion for those less fortunate.

The playlists I’ve been creating are mainly a fun way for me to become more aware of the qualities of each card and share them with others. I don’t always “love” the songs I choose but certain ones just seem to work perfectly for the overall theme of the card. In many instances it will be obvious why I chose certain songs, but sometimes one will have to dig a bit deeper for the symbology 😛

Here is my playlist so far, for the King of Hearts:

I will announce when all 53 have been created but feel free to check my Youtube channel periodically to see the new playlists being added.


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