Pluto Direct, light at the end of a tunnel in 2015

As Pluto stations Direct, 12 degrees of Capricorn (began last night on the 24th), there is a sense of rising on the earth plane. There is a glimmer of light becoming visible at the end of a long, torturous tunnel that we have traveled through since June of 2012 when Pluto in Capricorn began a three-year square to Uranus in Aries, just preceding the Winter Solstice that ancients predicted to be the end of the world as we knew it.


Pluto is Retrograde for about about half of each year, bringing extra intensity to whatever sign and degrees being transited. Whenever Pluto stations Retrograde or Direct, you can bet that there will be intensity, especially when it squares a Retrograde Mercury in Libra. Hidden agendas become revealed, obsessions blow out of proportion, something or someone will hit the roof, or fall to pieces. Sometimes, some form of conflict will finally become resolved. The sensation of that stationary process can last for several days or weeks. Pluto’s post-retrograde shadow finally ends in January 2016.

Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 until 2023, placing a highlight on government, social structures, financial trade markets, global economy, and business commerce. We’ve all been going through a major upgrade with regard to our relationship to power, authority, and paternity, although it often appears and feels like a complete breakdown. The old must be destroyed before the new can shine through, and I don’t mean new world order. In actuality, our survival may ultimately depend upon us going back to basics and simplifying our overly complicated and chaotic lifestyles.

From April 16th of 2015 until September 24th, the planet of death and rebirth appeared to move backward, dredging up old contracts, unhealed wounds, and deep grievances to be reckoned with. Since January 2014, those of us with planets or angles between 12-15 degrees of any of the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn have been particularly affected by the transits involving Pluto and Uranus. This year there has been a catharsis and acceleration of several life changes based on a rooting out of outdated things, patterns, and beliefs, whether with ease or agony. Some of the issues that have been coming up relate to major life changes such as integrating a new career, divorce, relocation, or any series of deaths, both physical and emotional.

With Pluto hitting me from every side lately (& pretty much since birth) one of the things that has been coming up for me all month is a series of confirmations about things I have long felt about many different things, people and situations, some of them going way back into the past or my childhood. In retrospect, I was struggling so hard to try and rescue people and children when the power to do so was not in my hands. I became deathly ill at a young age, and went through a seven year nightmare that taught me how to integrate shadows and light, and to better trust in what we call the Higher Self.

Pluto relates to the depth of our souls and the accuracy of our intuition, particularly when there is something we are afraid to see. The beauty of listening to your intuition is that it will always lead you home, to the comfort and purity of your true self. It will always bring confirmation (but not always right away – sometimes you need to go out there on a limb, feeling completely vulnerable!). It will always steer you away from disaster and reveal solutions not available to you or others who are in a state of panic or shock. If panic is a personal problem, try to slow down the breath and see if that panic is truly your own or coming from a sense of what or who is sorely unwell in your environment.

It is devastating in some ways to see what has become of some of those people & children I tried to help. But this is where I need to surrender to the unfolding mysteries of life, and allow every person to go their own way, to learn their own lessons as I learned mine. It is equally amazing and heartening to see some of the souls I’ve witnessed come out of their dark tunnels victorious and fulfilled on many levels.

Everybody is psychic, everybody has intuition whether they are aware of it or not, whether they call it that or nothing at all. The quality of a person’s life is often determined by their ability to listen to the quiet, occasionally nagging voice within that says yes or no about each and every thing that arises. Don’t wait for somebody else, especially for Pluto to determine your destiny. Seize the day. Be yourself. Follow your bliss.

The year 2016 should offer some relief from recent strains. As alone as we may sometimes feel in our pain and suffering, we all have benefactors, and we all have access to divine grace. Chin up…we got this.


4 thoughts on “Pluto Direct, light at the end of a tunnel in 2015

  1. Yerevan, the experiences you speak of are almost identical to my personal experience ….and I have had so much Pluto influence since birth as well. Ive had to accept that transformative experience is going to be a part of life, but accepting it has made all of the difference. Thank you for sharing, I deeply connect with everything in your writing here. Blessings!

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