after the blood moon…

Before a major eclipse, there is anxiety and anticipation. During, there is excitement, irritation, and awe. After the blood moon lunar eclipse in Aries while Pluto stationed Direct in motion, we must gather our strength, clean up the wreckage, shake the dust from our limbs, and prepare to resume the journey of self discovery in a world of mirage, and that means we must be prepared to do it alone, if need be.

Mercury retrograde in Libra highlights many of the paradoxes of being in relationship. Say goodbye to an old version of the person you knew, or the person you previously presented yourself to be. If we hang around long enough, any relationship pushes our buttons, and always points us back to ourselves.

If there is seemingly nothing else left to our name after the crash and burn of recent times, we have Choice. The Sun in Libra may fear it, but once claimed becomes a great ally.

Multiple choices, options, and opportunities are offered to us now and in the weeks ahead, so let’s see how many of these are seized from without, versus within. Who steers the ship we are tilting in, side to side? Who makes the decisions in our lives? Who jumps in and says yes for us before we have even had a moment to reflect upon our own desires?

Bernini Pluto and persephone sculptureLike the streaks on a butterfly just emerged from its cocoon or the collapse of cities and villages due to war, something has left its indelible mark on us. Unlike the temporary red string tied to a pinkie finger to remind us of a future plan or event, Pluto gives us a scar to remind us where we have been. We can wear it proudly or hide it in shame, but this is our truth, of which there is no denying.

This is our chance to embrace our truth, rather than to bury it. To express our emotions rather than suppress them. To be able to to take the scraps that life has gingerly tossed our way and to make incredible quilts. To approach who we see in the mirror with the same curiosity and ardor felt toward a new lover. To reinvent the meaning of the stars and the jagged rocks along the path that leads us into the unknown.


7 thoughts on “after the blood moon…

  1. I’ve been trying to collect a bunch of good karma from the recent retrogrades, focus on points that they want me to focus on, in hopes that I’ll have some good choices by the end of all this hardship. Crossing fingers.

  2. Reblogged this on Heart Shaped Eyes and commented:
    Yes! I’m sharing this perfectly articulated article by Yerevan for anyone who may enjoy the post eclipse confirmation as I do.

    This…. is happening, dear ones!
    If you are standing in the rubble..if you are stripped, raw, gracefully empowered, beautifully disillusioned with butterflies in your belly looking toward the unknown, there are many (myself included) right here with you in this divine space.
    Enjoy the article!


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