Venus in Virgo 2015

The goddess of love is shifting gears as the sky is shooting stars in the constellation Drago, the Dragon! Make a love related wish today or tonight and it just may come true in a brilliant way you hadn’t imagined, most likely when you least expect it. Venus enters Virgo on October 8th and finally exits her long post-retrograde shadow on the 9th as she is occulted by the Moon. Also on the 9th, Mercury goes Direct after a Retrograde transit through Venus-ruled Libra since September 17th. Things are beginning to “look up”…

The heavenly line up the rest of this week will be quite spectacular for those who are able to view it. The waning moon will pass by Venus, Regulus, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury leading up to the New Moon in Libra on the 12th.

For the next four weeks we will want to show our affection in practical ways. If that doesn’t sound too fun or romantic, not too worry – Virgo does have a sensual side that can be accessed if she is approached properly. Preparations are necessary, as is a certain degree what can be called togetherness. Good manners and hygiene are a must – a little bit of appreciation is a plus.hygieia

Panacea, the asteroid goddess of universal healing is 11 degrees Libra, between Juno and the Sun. This energy lends itself to the solutions and remedies to many of our difficulties both health related and otherwise that are becoming available to us after a long struggle.

Venus in Virgo squares Saturn on October 10th, which could make for a rather sobering kind of weekend (don’t party too hard on Friday night). Venus opposes Neptune on the 16th, bringing a wave of artistic or musical inspiration to our endeavors. On the 25th, Venus will pair up with Cosmic Santa, Jupiter, and if we’ve made it this far through the turbulence of 2015, we will finally see some cause for celebration that may or may not have anything to do with the holiday season.


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