New Moon in Libra 2015

The New Moon on October 12th is 19 degrees of Libra in an opposition with Uranus in Aries, prompting our liberation from many past ties, encumbrances and influences. Although the New Moon generally indicates a time of emotional renewal and new beginnings the urge is strong now to release ourselves from both physical chains and mental fetters of the past – to decondition ourselves from parental or societal imprints, to unlearn and even uncreate what has limited the expression of our uniqueness, our realness, and our truth.

Libra, as the sign of relationships highlights the closest and most meaningful connections we have whether to lovers, coworkers, family members, friends or foes. For those who have recently experienced tremendous loss or their relationships turning inside out in some way, this New Moon offers hope for a brighter future.article-2138126-12DECFD5000005DC-985_634x947

Squaring Pluto and inconjunct Chiron, the feelings leading up to and immediately after this Moon are raw and intense, as vulnerable as gaping wounds. Venus in Virgo slowly edges out of a square to Saturn in Sagittarius and opposes Neptune in Pisces, reminding us that “a broken heart is an open heart”.  However one chooses to interpret it, we are finally ready to heal what has been aching within us for centuries.

Mercury in Libra is now Direct after a retrograde cycle that lasted from September 17 to October 9, but the post-shadow influence continues until October 25. Mercury is in exact conjunction to the North Node which is about to shift into Virgo one month from now after being in Libra for a year and a half. We have these next few weeks to clear up misunderstandings with friends, partners and associates and to review the many things we have learned in our close relationships over the past several months.

Mars and Jupiter in Virgo are paired together in a trine to Pluto, giving us a kick-start back onto the desired path we may have wandered away from in a recent twist of events. More energy is becoming available for the things that are important to us, but we have a few obstacles to clear out of the way first. Thankfully, that job will be easier than it would have been say a few weeks ago. Conjunct the fixed star Zosma, Mars in Virgo can either blow up the woe-is-me mentality or stimulate the heroic qualities within us to help and rescue those who are suffering at the hands of others.

Under the influence of Zosma, especially with a hardass planet like Mars, we either victimize, are victimized, or help to release others from victimization. The recent gun control issue in the USA for example is something that more people could afford a closer look at before exhibiting all their knee-jerk reactions. Gun or no gun is not the issue. The issue is that too many people are brainwashed by false statistics, not to mention who does what with their guns. Guns are designed for only two things – to injure or to kill. We need to recognize that in many cases, guns have saved lives, and guns have saved people from being raped or attacked. We need to remember that sometimes the guns that saved lives were not in the hands of police officers and that some police officers have attacked innocent people who became victims of the legal system. The biggest crimes are those committed by those who amass the greatest amounts of power and control over the populace, and the scariest part is that these crimes are often performed without recognizable weapons. Wake up America!

Saturn in Sagittarius in a trine with Vesta in Aries helps to bring our loftiest visions into manifestation and the inspiration to make each place that we inhabit our sanctuary, treating it with respect and gratitude. This influence is present before, during and immediately after the New Moon. Wherever we may live or travel, our relationship to home life is transforming and expanding to include greater and deeper representations of our spiritual realities. With Saturn in Sagittarius for the next couple of years the roles of the teacher, healer, shaman, priest, and priestess are becoming exalted, both internally and externally.

Overall this New Moon in Libra on October 12 is a time of reclaiming, reconnection, and regeneration both within ourselves and in relation to those we care deeply about.


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