Scorpio Moon, Scandal, and Psychic Release

Until the wee hours of the morning on the 16th when the Moon exits Scorpio and enters Sagittarius, we may seem faced with many ghosts and shadows of the past or it could be that we are finally releasing a heavy emotional load from our psyches.

Post-Void New Moon in Libra, past Mercury Retrograde conjunct Black Moon Lilith and Blood Moon Eclipse we have recently seen many shades of the “dark side of the moon” and the sight-seeing isn’t quite over yet. Just as the Moon entered into Scorpio today I passed by a running murky stream and saw a crayfish hobbling along with a missing claw. This seemed a fitting analogy for what many are experiencing lately. As with many arthropods, it is possible for a crawfish’s limbs to regenerate, although it doesn’t happen instantaneously. Nature has her own rhythms, cycles, and restorative powers that work quite well, provided that we don’t interfere with her process.

One of the subjects I have observed as of late is the very widespread phenomenon of betrayal, particularly through rumors and scandalous gossip, with devastating results.  Our world is so saturated with lies and distractions that all of us have at some point have been guilty participants as well as unfortunate targets of gossip. The prime motivators of gossip and scandal tend to operate on unconscious levels and these activities tend to be triggered by jealousy, insecurity, or groupthink. Occasionally people are just reckless with their speech or truly spiteful and mean to hurt others.

With the Moon in Scorpio we become more sensitive to the nuances, moods and perceptions of others as well as to our own inner intensity. We must be careful not to project onto others or to allow ourselves to be projected upon. We must not guilt trip others or be tripped up by them.

The Sun in Libra, Moon in Scorpio combination leads us to question the roles that others play in our lives. We may feel torn between a desire for and a fear of intimacy. We want to chat or relate to others but we don’t want to reveal too much of ourselves. We may feel suspicious and paranoid for no good reason, or we may actually find just cause for cutting people off.

Are there significant people in your life that you have finally decided to release from the roles they have been playing in your affairs? Perhaps it’s time to leave an unhealthy situation and that includes leaving certain people behind. If so, then you’re certainly not alone in your readiness to move on. As the idiom goes “with friends like these who needs enemies”.

gossipThe asteroid Fama, possibly named after the Roman goddess and messenger of Zeus who is associated with rumors and ill repute is currently 18 degrees of Virgo, close enough to be accentuated by Jupiter at 13 degrees and Mars 11 degrees of Virgo. Fussiness, nitpicking and tit-for-tat has spread out far too wide and forcefully, as Fama finds herself in an uncomfortable inconjunct to rebellious Uranus in Aries. Once the beans have spilled, the cat’s out of the bag, the shit hits the fan, the rumors have flown in all directions and there is no turning back. The damage has been done. Ultimately, nobody has anything of value to gain from this kind of social deviance.

Time may eventually heal our wounds, but as long as we live we may never forget – nor should we ever forget the ways that gossip has negatively impacted us on collective and interpersonal levels. The marks of betrayal have been left upon all of us, as judgments displayed in racism, sexism, classism, and other isms cause polarization and violence that impact all members of the human race, not to mention all other species we clumsily inhabit this Earth with. Religious and political scandals have affected us ever since civilization began. Awareness is the key to breaking this vicious cycle.

There is a difference between talking about hurt feelings with someone we trust, and talking smack behind somebody’s back. There’s also a difference between telling the truth even if it hurts and talking about other peoples’ business that is of no consequence to oneself. One always feel the difference inside. The quality and intent of the speech carries its own unique vibrations. When a friend breaks your trust and thinks nothing of it, they were never really a friend to begin with. When a rumor spreads and we are unaware of who started it, the origin almost becomes irrelevant, because all those who continue to circulate the rumors are as guilty as the initiator.

Some people seem to go through life never touched by such issues or at least never letting on that they have been. If you are the one who feels guilty of scandal, this could be an appropriate time to either offer apologies or to forgive yourself and commit to a new personal code of behavior if that seems right. If on the other hand you’ve been dealt unfairly in a social setting, it could be time to say sayonara. It might even be necessary to put up boundaries.

Some of us have caught ourselves in the midst of self-betrayal rather than outward forms of betrayal. Forgiveness of self can be a lot trickier than forgiving some jackass who did us wrong but it is also a lot more important and rewarding in the long run.

It’s a great time to walk away from toxic relationships, to separate the wheat from the chaff – the real friends and benefactors from the fakers and the takers. It is time to reclaim our power where it was lost.

These are just a few things to ponder (or not if they don’t apply) during the Moon’s transit through Scorpio this week. All in all, there are better things to talk about than others, especially when it involves trivia or downright lies.


8 thoughts on “Scorpio Moon, Scandal, and Psychic Release

  1. Great post. You cut right to the chase with this one. Projected the necessary tough love that people need to wake and break from these kind of entanglements. Many thanks for sharing and also for following my work. Warmest regards.

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