Full Moon in Taurus 2015

Dementia, aka Daughter of Horror 1955

Dementia, aka Daughter of Horror 1955

With this Full Moon 3 degrees of Taurus on October 27th, opposite of the Sun in Scorpio, we are face to face with myriad aspects of ourselves. As Taurus is about acquiring and Scorpio is about discarding, we are confronted with all that we like and dislike, and all that we have embraced and disowned, what we have created and have tried so hard to undo. The veils between the worlds are thinning, as are the barriers to our own subconscious stews.

Under the influence of Taurus we seek security both financially and emotionally. We want to surround ourselves with beauty and experience luxury. Taurus understands there is a price to pay for such comforts and is willing to work for them. At the same time, we have the shadowy influence of Scorpio taunting or haunting us with sliding images, memories, and projections making the focus on goals a bit challenging. Halloween is upon us, and not just in a holiday sense.

The Full Moon forms sesquiquadrate to Jupiter, Venus, and Mars in Virgo, which could either seem to blow insecurities out of proportion or enlighten us as to where we have been giving our power away and how to stop it. The inconjunct to Saturn in Sagittarius further indicates where we’ve been rubbed or are rubbing “the wrong way” and how to shift this pattern.

It is as though we are on an arduous journey, a vision quest of a sort seeking to acquire something whether it be an object or a skill that will enhance our lives. What we are truly seeking is an aspect of our own selves, a sort of salvation for our own souls.

In their book The Luminaries, Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas offer an interesting analogy for the importance of finding and owning ones individuality through expressing the unique qualities of one’s Sun sign:

“The hero’s prize is sometimes an elixir, which he must steal…

There is something illicit about becoming oneself, because it involves stealing something from the mass psyche, something which was the common property of the collective unconscious. This dilemma can easily clothe itself in political garb, although the essence of all political ideologies is ultimately to be found in the individuals who formulate them.”

There is collective guilt we suffer from for the seeking out of money and other possessions, not to mention love (yet we condone those who would seek power and rulership over the masses – “yes Daddy, please take care of it for me”). Somehow seeking for anything more than basic security makes us extremely selfish…how dare we – unless we intend to share everything we have found and earned with everyone around us, immediately. Pay up, pay those dues! We hear it all the time. It has been said that the word guilt comes from an Anglo-Saxon root which means “debt”. What a coincidence that our entire monetary system is built on just that.

In his book, Slave Species of the Gods, Michael Tellinger speaks of money as the modern day whips-and-chains for the people to keep them in line, in service to the global elite. We’ve been guilt-tripped for so long that we don’t know any better than to base our whole lives on the principles of survival by the standards of the “gods” who have beaten us into submission.

Continuing on with a passage from the Luminaries:

“There is considerable guilt around expressing the Sun (oneself), because it means stealing an elixir which is the common property of all – albeit unused. The elixir can do nothing on a mass level until a hero comes along who knows what to do with it. But for an individual to possess it means that, at least initially, something is taken away from the mass. Of course it remains the hero’s task at the end of the story to give something back to the collective. But this does not mitigate the initial sense of sin.”

This analogy also relates to the saying “no good deed goes unpunished”, for in many instances when we have raised our levels of morality and married them to our greatest achievements we tend to become targets of slander, envy, shunning or public humiliation. Many of us live in societies where we have to prove ourselves worthy of rewards. If we’re not worthy of rewards we are punished for being contrary. We have to be beautiful or do something special in order to be loved. And it’s bullshit.

We have created many our own monsters by creating such terrible taboos about many aspects of life and its full spectrum of emotions that are completely natural. By failing to love and respect our selves, we have failed to do the same for the planet and other sentient beings. Our species has gone mad.

With this Taurus Full Moon we have the opportunity to take our power back and develop true self esteem that does not rely on outside factors and approval. Venus, planet named after the goddess of love and beauty is the ruling planet of Taurus, highlighting what is beautiful within, about and outside of ourselves. With her aid we experience more of the incredible sweetness and sensuality of life on earth.

The Moon’s sextile to Neptune further attunes us to the artistry… the random poetry of it all…so that no matter how crazy things may seem be, we can truly enjoy our treasures while they last. By taking care of what we have now, we enable future generations to appreciate what we have deliberately passed on instead of all the garbage we’ve accumulated.


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