November Renewal 2015

With Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo today (11-2-15 here on the West Coast) and throughout the rest of this week health and beauty are highlights. This is the final of three Venus Mars conjunctions this year, the first being February 22nd at 1 degree of Aries, the second September 1st at 14 degrees Leo, and November 2nd/3rd at 24 degrees Virgo.

For many this means getting off on the right foot this month. Somewhere, somehow, love or romance meets healing and renewal and together they may enhance our lives in very tangible ways. This is great time to seek out and/or share healing services, especially of the holistic variety. Techniques such as massage, physical training, yoga, and the use of herbs, oils, and tinctures are favored.

VenusMarsCupid by Paris Bordone

VenusMarsCupid by Paris Bordone

The content and effects of diet is becoming more noticeable now, so it would be wise to select and prepare foods that are nourishing and nutrient dense, including lots of vegetables. Touch is also important now, whether it involves another person or connection to earth and soil.

We are in the season of death transformation, which does not necessary have mean something unpleasant. Since the planet of love is paired up with the planet of passion in the sign of practicality, there is more drive, energy, and inspiration to solve several of life’s myriad nagging little problems right now than at other times. Take advantage of it before the holiday craze!


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