Scorpio New Moon 11-11-15

The New Moon on November 11th 2015 falls at 19 degrees of Scorpio, heightening an awareness of our mortality and leading us into the depths of our souls. This moon highlights our relationships to our ancestors and the legacies, blessings, and curses that have been handed down to us through the ages. It is a time to remember and to honor or to further study our history, as citizens and sovereign beings.

snake skinJust as a snake sheds its skin, we all experience personal and global cycles of shedding and renewal. New Moons signify emotional, psychic and physical renewals that occur each month, enabling us to leave the past behind, move in new directions and embark upon new projects with greater ease than when the moon is waning.

The Scorpio New Moon is in separating trine with Chiron in Pisces, in part signifying the arduous yet healing journey that many have been traveling , many worldly treasures that have been lost and many spiritual riches that have been attained. Whether in search of answers, medicine or inspiration, it is time to at least acknowledge how far you have come on your own healing path, even though the struggle is not over. It is appropriate now to pause, to rest, and to ponder. Although not all answers have been uncovered nor have all wounds healed, our ability to celebrate our victories motivates us to continue on.

The medical symbol of the caduceus with its two snakes wrapped around a staff represent the double-helix of our DNA that has been manipulated for thousands of years. The Roman Mercury carried this caduceus staff, delivering messages to and from the gods, and he also ushered souls into the Underworld. He did not discriminate among merchants and thieves. He was a patron both of poets and con artists. How is Mercury, planet of communication working for or against you at this time?

As November 11th is a 9 of Clubs day in the Destiny Card system, we are challenged to let go of limiting beliefs, habits, and thoughts about ourselves and the world we live in. We are encouraged to both seek out and share universal knowledge and truth. Mercury in conjunction with the New Moon is a supporting factor to this. Sometimes the truth hurts, but unlike lies it unbinds rather than constricts us. It tends to shock us, to propel us into necessary action rather than to transfix or hypnotize us.

The New Moon’s sextiles to Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn bring a sprinkle of good luck and magic to our endeavors, and assists in moving forward despite fear or obstacles. The Sun and Moon are also aligned with the fixed star Zubeneschemali, also known as the Northern Scales (of the constellation Libra). This placement emphasizes the value and worth of whatever is being focused upon. Like Jupiter, may bestow a benevolent influence that engenders optimism, generosity, and gratitude. Directly following this New Moon it is wise to tackle goals involving finances, business, and livelihood.

A yod involving New Moon’s inconjunct apsect to Uranus in Aries, also inconjunct to Jupiter and asteroid Hygeia in Virgo (highlighting the physical aspect of healing and purification) makes clear what we can and cannot do to change the status quo, and points toward personal development and inner change rather than trying to control others. Jupiter and Hygeia in opposition to Chiron also indicate that there are tremendous opportunities to pinpoint the cause of our ills and to finally clear them from our systems.

The New Moon’s semisquare to Venus which is conjunct the North Node nearing the end of its 18 month transit through Libra on November 12th brings a crisis in consciousness regarding desires, needs, equality, and justice. There is a growing need to experiment with new types of forms, thoughts, and relationships that reflect our true values rather the ones that have been adopted by force of habit.

No matter who we are, what we do, where we live, and whether we realize it or not, almost all of us on the Earth today have suffered terrible injustices to our humanity. This is the time to recover lost dignity and self-respect, and to act according to a renewed sense of worth.

America, know the history of your holidays, your constitution and your sacred land:


6 thoughts on “Scorpio New Moon 11-11-15

  1. Reblogged this on Heart Shaped Eyes and commented:
    New moon in the powerful sign of Scorpio….and this one is free of Saturn’s gaze! Powerful new beginnings 🙂 I’m sharing this relevant article written by Yerevan for anyone choosing to consciously (key word) work with the energies.

    The Scorpio New Moon (19 Scorpio01) is exact at 9:47 am and is seeding new energy around the mysteries of alive and ecstatic expressions of life force energy. This passionate intense Scorpion energy (weve all got Scorpio somewhere in our charts)is often feared and repressed, having the effect of forcing it to find expression through the shadow elements of depression, anxiety, anger and so on. Some advice from a person with much pluto/scorpio energy and experience… when Scorpio energy is honored and allowed a healthy expression intense passion, aliveness, transformation and realization are possible. One must be brave enough to confront and walk into their own shadows consciously and by choice though!

    Happy new moon, be like the phoenix!

    Be well!

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