Full Moon in Gemini 2015

The Sun’s recent transit through Scorpio was brutal. And it was also rather enlivening in many ways. For the past five weeks a ton of muck has been raked up to the surface of our daily affairs and relationships. If we didn’t see the face of God in our reckoning, what we saw was close enough. Wouldn’t you rather experience uncomfortable emotions than be as numbed out and apathetic as the mind-controlled herd who continue to march, fumble and crawl hands-and-knees toward their own demise?

The Full Moon on November 25th is 3 degrees of Gemini, in a mutable T-square with Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. Saturn’s square with Neptune is exact on the 26th and is an ongoing influence until September 2016, revealing how little we really know about certain topics and how much we need to rely on our tried and true knowledge or intuition for other ones. Common sense meets cosmic consciousness, and since they are coming at each other from unexpected and rather awkward angles they may crash and collide like petrochemical blasted air and ocean waves full of Fukushima nuclear waste before they are able to work in unison. This aspect has already begun to dissolve boundaries and destroy illusions, but has yet to begin seriously unraveling outworn narratives, especially those that have been touted by religious and political leaders for centuries. We also shouldn’t be surprised to begin seeing the pedestals being ripped out from underneath self-righteous bigots.

The missing leg in the table with this Full Moon indicates that we need the practicality and attentiveness of Virgo (the North Node and Jupiter are transiting this sign together) to help us get through the haze and vagaries that fill up our media and collective mind. Almost nothing’s what it seems or what it used to seem, but that is nothing new! We must be discerning and perhaps in some ways a little bit detached, because the Twins are super unpredictable right now, with one working for and the other against us – it can be hard to tell which is doing which service.

The Full Moon lies in opposition with Acrab, a pale whitish star on the head of constellation of Scorpio. Acrab, literally translated as “the scorpion” in Arabic has an ominous reputation, believed to cause extreme acts of violence and malevolence. It’s easy to say something is all good or all bad, but seldom do people see and understand the way duality functions in their lives and all of life. Power and its abuse is highlighted with this influence, which points toward the importance of maintaining integrity in the face of fierce struggles, or else paying the price for the violation of one’s own sacred space or that of others. Whether one violates what is considered to be a holy church, home, precious books, a flower bed, a person’s body or soul, the damage is both cruel and profane. It means to spit on another’s sense of the sacred, and of their safety and perhaps their only known refuge in this world. Similarly, when magical prowess is used to deceive and manipulate others, it ultimately results in self-defeat. The higher or more aware aspect of Scorpio has no tolerance for this kind of cruelty, and with the influence of Acrab, backlash comes swiftly and sharply. Many of us have been seeing or hearing about this phenomenon the past few days from news reports.

fairy mischief - Hannah Bear

fairy mischief – Hannah Bear

The Moon’s trine with Mars in Libra encourages those who have been down on their luck to man or woman up and do something about what isn’t right. The Sun in Sagittarius fosters courage and supports taking action where needed, so we have at least as much if not more help coming from many directions as we do opposition. There’s also a touch of air fairy mischief in this combination, which may be best suited toward creative endeavors.

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon 3-4 degrees of Gemini is:

“Holly And Mistletoe Reawaken Old Memories Of Christmas”.

There is a lot of symbolism here that goes beyond what most people would imagine with a phrase like this. The wood and mistletoe from the holly tree were both sacred to the Druids, and often they would them to fashion their magic wands. It is from this tree that Hollywood derives its name, and it is both behind the scenes and on screens that many “enchantments” and curses over the population take place. One of the meanings of this Sabian symbol is the “longing for the preintellectual state of consciousness”, when ancestral images held great power and totem animals spoke with us all directly. If we don’t want to completely lose touch with ancient ways and magic, we must take a stand against all of the spiritual and physical impositions to our freedom and our connections to nature. On another note, Dr. Edward Bach (September 1886 – November 1936) discovered that the vibrational flower essence of Holly could be used to release toxic emotions such as anger, envy, and desire for revenge. I’d say that this seems quite relevant to the times we’re in.

Communication is a major highlight for Gemini, as is playfulness, family ties and cooperation…


8 thoughts on “Full Moon in Gemini 2015

  1. Great. I really enjoyed your stuff. Your not afraid to express the darker side of astrology, which I believe important to know about. I agree that humanity is going through a surfacing of repressed shadow. Much of my blogging of late has been dealing with working through precisely this kind of shadow, especially the perceptual regimes of mass-media. I think you would enjoy my recent series, which it’s uncannily reflective of the stuff you have mentioned here. I would be honoured if you would take a look. Here is the first part of a five part series. Best wishes. https://sharmarama.wordpress.com/2015/11/19/fuck-em-we-have-choices-part-1/

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