Chiron Direct, Hidden Forces Brought to Light

“The process of healing begins from within. Even before the cast is set on our broken bones, our bones begin to knit themselves back together. Just as there are physical laws that effect healing of our bodies, there are laws that affect the healing of our minds. We have seen how our intellects can override some powerful instinctual forces of our organisms.” – Peter Levine, Waking the Tiger

Chiron goes Direct at 16 degrees of Pisces today on November 27th. Having traversed Plutonic swamps and Neptunian fogs since June 24th the Wounded Healer gradually emerges from dark, arduous terrain and rises like a phoenix from the ashes of a false self. This liberation is both excruciating and ecstatic.

Orbiting between Saturn, builder of structure and Uranus, great awakener, Chiron retraces his footsteps since February of 2015, stirring the depths of our being and calling us forward in the reclaiming of lost hopes and dreams. Whatever we have found too painful to cope with during the past several months is up for review now. The causes of our deepest ills and emotional unrest have recently been uncovered. As though through an X-ray we have seen the cracks and crevices of the internal workings of things, however miraculous or wicked they may be. This does not mean we were yet able to come to grips with all that we saw…

This may seem to be a rather enchanted time, one suited toward the breaking of hexes, the procuring of charms, shattering of illusions, and driving out of hungry ghosts. The myths and legends embedded in our psyches and DNA have been reactivated by trauma or its final release. The effects may last for several weeks. Synchronicities may now appear that guide us on the path to recovery and empowerment.

The nurturing of children or the inner child at this time is also of great importance, as we were all children and served as crystal clear reflections of our environment and early experiences.

Journey of the Wounded Healer

Journey of the Wounded Healer by Alex Grey

For the past month during Jupiter’s opposition to Chiron, many of the things we’ve seen may have come as a huge relief on one hand, and a terrible shock on the other. What’s important is how we deal with our new found knowledge. Knowledge in and of itself cannot save us. The application of knowledge eventually becomes wisdom.

The real test is yet to come: Will the visions, dreams, and revelations of the soul be remembered in the face of future trials? Will the broken, battered fragments of body, mind, and spirit be mended now that the remedy has appeared? Will the voice of truth be heard? Will intuition be followed?


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