December 2015 – restructuring and rebirth

As we approach the turn of the seasons, wherever we may be on planet earth we are faced with many changes both within and without, from the weeks and months past. Many friends and people who have come to me for readings recently have been finding themselves in positions that are far different from anything they have experienced before… it’s the end of the world as we knew it! It is often with great trepidation that we view massive change. We have forgotten to rejoice that every second is the end of the world as we knew it, because we have been tricked into believing that time is linear and that things are solid or static.

Here on the Northern hemisphere we are nearing Winter Solstice, the time of the rebirth of the Sun, symbolized as the solar god “rising from the dead”. At this very powerful time we each receive some kind of message, signal, gift and/or challenge from the Universe that indicates a new direction we are to take, a lesson we are to learn, or a specific type of energy we may choose to integrate or harmonize in our lives and in the life around us. Whether we actually heed life’s messages and utilize our gifts is another matter altogether. With much strained effort we can continue to resist the changes we are presented with, but why bother? Things have rearranged themselves to such a degree that if we hold onto the old paradigms and patterns we are only going in circles like rats in a cage.

Between the recent Full Moon in Gemini on November 24th and the upcoming New Moon in Sagittarius on December 11, we are at a crossroads in our collective belief systems, whatever those might have been based on and what they might soon become. Critical events have the potential to radically alter our beliefs, for better or for worse. Let’s not lose sight of what we know deep inside to be true, amid the chaos and lies that seem more plentiful to many of us than nature’s resources.

With asteroid Pallas Athene moving into a conjunction with Pluto through this month’s New Moon the overall perception of the underlying structure of things is increasing. This energy dynamic can be abused or used toward healing and manifestation that benefits all. As goddess of wisdom, justice and the arts Pallas Athene is perhaps the most asexual of the goddesses. Her forces combined with Pluto in Capricorn can indicate a shifting of gender roles, both externally and internally. Our creative and transformative efforts are greatly supported by this influence.

Singer of Transfiguration by Brian Froud (from Faeries' Oracle)

Singer of Transfiguration     (from the Faeries’ Oracle by       Brian Froud)

In this total restructuring that many are experiencing it can be difficult to remain calm and grounded, so at this time it may be helpful to remember a few things and to employ certain remedies to assist in the process of emotional and spiritual rebirth.

  • Stay hydrated with good clean water (preferably not from the tap or plastic bottles). It’s well worth the time, money and energy to invest in a water purification system that works for you. “Brita” is OK and better than drinking straight from the tap but it’s not going to filter out all of the harmful heavy metals and chemicals from city water. Invest in a good quality purifier.
  • Breathe! Are you holding your breath now? If so, take a moment to straighten your spine, inhale & exhale
  • Wear or hold stones that are protective, stabilizing, and enhance intuition such as Flourite, Malachite, and Turquoise. These ones also help clear negativity and harmonize the chakras.
  • Take flower essences such as Angel’s Trumpet for transitioning between realms and states of consciousness (also helping non-physical entities to make appropriate transitions) or Walnut to break free of old habits and ties.
  • Get in touch with gratitude. For every thing that’s going wrong, find something that’s going right and celebrate it. We get more and more of what we focus on. This doesn’t mean we should turn our backs on those suffering or the problems that need to be addressed. It means gratitude lightens our mood and makes everything more bearable.

There is always more that can be offered or said on such matters, but I hope this gives some of you the inspiration or friendly reminder to take care of yourself when that might be the hardest thing in the world to do. KISS (keep it simple, silly!) 🙂


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