Sagittarius New Moon 2015

The New Moon is 19 degrees of Sagittarius on December 11th, lit like a bonfire in the middle of nowhere, raw like an open wound, rugged like a warrior in the heat of a battle with his or her shadow. Sagittarius is daring and resilient by nature, and doesn’t care to be bogged down by rules or moods. In compensation for the turbulence we have experienced in several areas, we might now be directed to unusual spots or scenarios that take our mind off our problems and introduce us to brilliant new ideas. No other sign is as adept at helping us find the silver lining in the clouds and the humor in our troubles. Try this meditation out for starters.

As new moons signify new beginnings on both mundane and magical levels, many of us are looking toward the near future with an expectancy born out of mixed emotions. Some are hoping for relief from what seems to have been relentless stress during the past several weeks, others are anxious and filled with fear, and yet others are riding the wild waves of change and chaos toward their personal goals, intent on manifesting despite all odds. It’s also possible to be experiencing a little bit of all of these things or simply to be in gratitude for each new day that comes.

With the New Moon squaring Chiron in Pisces there may seem to be no end to the story, nightmare, or actual scar that reminds us of what went all wrong, whether it was five minutes, twenty years , or ten centuries ago. It’s important to learn from past mistakes without abusing ourselves with them. In trying to heal certain issues, some people reach for mind-altering substances, others opt for sexual outlets, and others dig into their own psychology to do the hard work of breaking harmful habits and curbing the tendency to react. What seems to be a terrible loss or cruel joke by the Universe on some of us might be the nudge that we need to move in new directions and leave behind the old stories, obstacles, and excuses for not living up to our own greatness.

ride of the Valkyrs John Charles Dollman 1909

ride of the Valkyrs John Charles Dollman 1909

The New Moon’s trine to Uranus has been helping us finally let go of the shells of our former selves – specifically the aspects of our ego that we most strongly identified with for so long and to move on. In some cases the planet of sudden reversals and intuitive knowing will cosmically intervene when we are stubbornly clinging to things, people or places that are unhealthy for us. The cardinal T-square with Mars in Libra, Uranus in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn has been building for several days and revealing exactly what needs to go, what needs to change, and what needs to be done in order to move on. We can fight the currents and suffer unnecessarily or we can go with the flow and work with what we have as best we can while we have it. Pallas Athene conjunct Pluto adds to the edginess of recent configurations, but strengthens our resolve to move forward despite fear. The earthiness of Capricorn helps us strategize as though we are training to become wizards at a game of chess.

In the midst of Saturn’s long term square to Neptune we are challenged to live in the questions rather than assumptions of whatever uncanny circumstances we may find ourselves in. One of the keys to magick is in asking for the answer or solution to appear instead of over-rationalizing and seeking for control.

Venus in Scorpio forms a trine Neptune in Pisces and stirs our creative and romantic inclinations. Love may be blind and make us fools, but we’re not likely to take relationships lightly at this time. The depth and synchronicity of recent exchanges and encounters has become amplified, sensitizing many people both emotionally and physically. My memory randomly selected scenes from the movie the Fountain to describe the energy of current emotional exchanges:

The New Moon is conjunct the fixed star Sabik in the constellation of Ophiuchus, signaling that we are being faced with snakey forces that might seem far greater than ourselves and we are challenged to adjust our approach to these forces. One of these forces is that of our own shadow. Another is the shadow of the collective. Yet another is the shadow of another projected at us. When they all mix together, we tend to magnetize our worst fears into being. This is when we need to look within for the inner guru, shaman, or healer that can help us navigate in a world that is as much filled with beauty as with danger. Ultimately, life serves us huge helpings of our own perceptions.


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