Synchronicity & the Galactic Center

Synchronicity, a term coined by Carl Jung to explain a string of events that hold meaningful coincidences with each other in seemingly mysterious ways has been and will be occurring with rapid increase for several weeks. Call it silly or supernatural, perceive it any way you choose, believe it or not our world and our lives are are filled with a rich tapestry of synchronicity, even more so when we pay attention to its flow. Through synchronicity we can be warned, validated, guided, or sometimes greatly amused.

With the Sun transiting the Galactic Center over the next couple of days and squaring the mutable Nodal axis it until Christmas day, we may be confronted with wildly synchronistic encounters of both “negative” and “positive” natures. The Galactic Center was very important in Mayan astrology representing Creator energy, and as the center of our Milky Way, it is a tremendous source of gravitational energy in our galaxy. It has been perceived as a portal of sorts, a window to God, or something akin to an intergalactic radio station, facilitating communication between a multitude of species, similar to those portrayed in the T.V. series Star Trek (As a side note, as of December 1st I have resumed my radio hour slot at the KOWS station after taking a break for most of 2015, with the new title of “Stargate”, your “Intergalactic Communication Portal in West Sonoma County”. You can tune in online on Tuesday mornings from 9:00-10:00 a.m PST). In addition the new Star Wars movie, “The Force Awakens” just came out this week. Very well timed!


Anyway… the roller coaster of strange events has already begun for me and Mercury has not even turned Retrograde yet. That is scheduled for January 5th as we enter the New Year, lo and behold in the sign of Aquarius which is arguably the most associated with “alien life”, or at least life that is unconventional and exciting. The Mercury Retrograde pre-shadow technically begins to kick in on the 18th – the same day when the Sun’s transit to the GC becomes exact.

Here are a few ideas of how your personal natal chart might be affected by major aspects to the Galactic Center (27 degrees Sagittarius) at birth or by transit, but this list is very general and does not specify positive or negative aspects:

  • Sun – strong aura and influence over others with a strong sense of personal destiny, a connection to powerful spiritual forces
  • Moon – strong psychic abilities, intensely emotional, impressionable, kinesthetic awareness
  • Mercury – the idea person, thoughts just never end and this can help or hinder depending on circumstances
  • Venus – unusual relational dynamics, otherworldly encounters or romances, dreamy and mystical
  • Mars – a call to spiritual action as a spiritual warrior, being driven by “forces”, highly energized in an almost supernatural way, for better or for worse
  • Saturn – a strong sense of discipline or direction that seems to come from another dimension or a higher level of being – when all else fails, this is the motivating factor in life
  • Jupiter – concerned with broad issues, world events and politics, highly humanitarian or power-hungry – it can go to either extreme
  • Uranus – the mover and shaker, magnificent insights and intuition mixed in with chaos and the need to leave behind what is comfortable and familiar
  • Neptune – this can get very confusing to say the least…or very spiritually illuminating
  • Pluto – an uprooting of all that is deep, dark, and hidden, transformation on all levels
  • Ascendant – a sense of alienation or of being an alien, sense of having a unique purpose to fill in this world
  • Midheaven – the call to a life of unique service, often one that is spiritually based or humanitarian

A friend of mine who passed away a few Decembers ago would always say that during the Solstice, if we paid close attention we would each receive our new “Galactic Assignments” for the year ahead. I think he was on to something.

Cheers the great Cosmic Joke and Divine Destiny at play in each of our lives. May synchronicity enrich and empower all those to who pay attention to and seek it out. May joy and beauty fill your holiday season.


6 thoughts on “Synchronicity & the Galactic Center

  1. Great post, Yerevan. I don’t have any planets around that degree of Saggitarius. ..but my north node is at 22 degrees Sagittarius and my life path has been on my mind hugely…
    Also, I see that you are in my neck of the woods (west county) I may schedule a reading sometime soon!

  2. My ASC and Mars are opposing the Galactic Center. The thing about a sense of having a unique purpose to fill in this world resonates strongly. The alien thing too, but more in terms of being different and not having found my tribe yet. 🙂

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