Happy Solstice 2015!

Wishing you a happy turn of the year, wherever you may happen to be (it is Winter over here)! The Solstice season highlights the connection we have with our roots, as well as the beauty, wisdom, and restorative qualities of nature…

I saw these trees on a hike yesterday, naturally forming the runic symbol of love and gifting. Winter Solstice is a time for exchanging gifts, whether they are of material or spiritual value. It also encourages us to express appreciation, honoring the divine in nature and each other.


I have found that the best Christmas trees are still growing freely in the soil, in the wild, without human interference. These young trees are worthy of celebration!

baby trees

baby trees

I am in love with this planet, despite everything that has happened to it

stairways to heaven can be found on the earth

stairways to heaven can be found on the earth


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