2016 – 9 Universal Year of Completion

2016 rounds up to a 9 Universal Year in numerology, so there will be a collective focus on completions, endings, and regeneration. This will be a year of raised spiritual awareness and breakthroughs on many levels. At times it will bring people inward and make them more reflective than they may be accustomed to if they are not introverted by nature.

2015 was very challenging but it made us stronger and got us ready for what is yet to come. There were many breakups, business collapses, and betrayals, particularly during the last three months. As is usually the case during periods of testing, challenge, and delay the areas of our lives truly in harmony are not the areas being “messed with” so to speak. Those areas may become even better, if we continue to feed them our attention. The things we tend to struggle most with during such periods are the ones we have been struggling with anyway – for quite awhile. Suddenly it seems that they get worse. What we can look forward to in the weeks and months ahead is finally being freed of many of the limited perceptions we’ve had and the outdated, burdensome contracts we’ve carried through with others.

In 2016 it will become important to avoid unnecessary stress when possible and find adequate time to rest. Those who have been abusing their health for years might find that it finally catches up to them and they have no choice but to slow down and make the appropriate changes. Relationships on the rocks will crumble and possibly cause many public scenes.

Major turning points this year could be a reflection of changes and decisions that were made in 2007. Many projects that we began in recent years will also become available for their desired completions. The endings that occur may bring great relief, as the ghosts of the past are ushered into their next level in the universe and unable to haunt us anymore.

Because 9 is such a spiritual number it would help us to approach it as such. Practices such as yoga and meditation may be very helpful in achieving the calmness and clarity needed to face life’s challenges with ease and grace.

Since 2016 rounds off to 9 in numerology, it relates to the Hermit card of the Major Arcana. This is the card of wisdom, discernment, completion of unfinished business and going quietly within. It is a card suggesting both silence and determination as methods for advancement. At times the best mode of operation will be to retreat from everything external and to find resonance with inner truth.rider-waite-03678

Since the Hermit card bears relevance to the constellation of Virgo we will want to resolve any issues with Virgo people in our lives, and for the Virgos out there, it will be a powerful year for self expression and actualization!

Last but not least, the Hermit card, the number Nine, and the sign of VIrgo all correspond to healing in all of its myriad forms. This is a year for seeking out of healing or exercising and honing of personal healing abilities as healers. Healing through the hands (massage, bodywork, Reiki, etc) will be particularly effective as will be healing through creative endeavors.

If we are willing to let go of what is no longer useful and beneficial in our lives in this very potent 9 Universal Year we will experience the emotional fulfillment, mental clarity, spiritual strength, and material prosperity that supports our well being overall.


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