New Moon in Capricorn 1-9-16

The New Moon at 19 degrees Capricorn on January 9th is about getting down to the nitty-gritty, you know all those corners, nooks and crannies of the home, work, and relationships that we’d usually rather brush under the rug or shove into the closet, saving them for a rainy day. That rainy day is here.

If organization skills don’t come naturally, consider the Universe to be offering divine intervention at this time. How and whether or not we receive the help being offered is another subject that could take up pages.

capricorn goddess

a Capricorn goddess (if anyone knows the artist please tell me)

A renewal in feminine, earth based Capricorn ruled by the cosmic Lord of Time is bringing our attention to our physical and spiritual lineages. Mercury has just backtracked into Capricorn placing an additional focus in the reviewing of our ancestry, forces of government, patriarchal and parental issues. Adjustments are being made in our relationships to all forms of authority, be they physical or spiritual.

A trine from Retrograde Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo is enabling us to clear blockages that have been carried through the ages and heal deeply embedded wounds. All forms of healing are highlighted but what many of us are looking at in particular are those chronic nagging health issues. We’re finally getting to the root cause of some of them! If we perceive ourselves to have been mentally and emotionally floating aimlessly in space, out on a limb, hanging by a thread or lacking direction or purpose in our lives, this New Moon is bringing us down to earth.

The Black Moon Lilith in Libra is intensifying the Uranus and Pluto square (seven aspect squares between 2012-2015) which continues to have an effect on mass consciousness. Since the New Moon is conjunct Pluto, it is also involved in furthering our awareness of recent transformations that have taken place in our lives and those that are still underway. A few times in past posts I mentioned that the aftereffects of this square would probably be much more intense that what occurred during them, and so far that has proven to be the case. The effects from the Uranus Pluto square will be present with us throughout 2016.

With Venus conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius we’re being asked what we’re really made of and with whom and how do we wish to share this. We’re reminded of the importance of planting our feet on terra firma without neglecting to look up at the stars.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is: A Hidden Choir Is Singing During A Religious Service

This Sabian symbol has many layers of significance. First, it is “the fulfillment of the individual’s creative function through his participation in a group performance consecrated to a transcendent realization of unity” – Dane Rudhyar

It represents the heavenly qualities of community endeavors. Philosophically, it relates to the music of the spheres. I imagine that the power of the voice in song and of mantra is heightened at this time.

The New Moon’s sextile to Chiron in Pisces indicates childhood memories, and maybe traumas up for release. Here is a song that carried me through some hard times growing up. Perhaps it will be relevant to some of you now…


Blessings, happy new year and happy new moon to all


6 thoughts on “New Moon in Capricorn 1-9-16

  1. Reblogged this on Heart Shaped Eyes and commented:
    The new moon in Capricorn, now playing at a reality near you!
    I am sharing this article written by Yerevan for any of you who may be attracting it. Yerevans articles are quite often confirming for me, that which I am intuiting from the energies.

    Big bright blessings to you all, enjoy the new moon energy and support 🙂

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