January Full Moon in Leo 2016

The Full Moon at 3 degrees of Leo on January 23rd occurs as the New Year really gets cracking. It brings our past year to a conclusion and prepares us for the new one ahead. In the Human Design system of astrology, what is called the Rave New Year always begins on January 22nd, rather than on the 1st. There is good reason for this. The Gregorian calendar that we tend to use is not truly in harmony with the earth’s rhythms, which is perhaps one reason why we tend to struggle so much with seasonal changes that signal what we “ought” to be doing, feeling and experiencing as a collective and individuals. In several cultures around the world the New Year actually begins late January or February. A few of these and especially ancient cultures were more in tune with the earth’s cycles than many of us are today.

The Full Moon in Leo forms a grand fire trine with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius, sparking playfulness with creative genius and a refreshing dose of truthfulness. Stifling tensions and fears can be confronted and released, finally making way for some physical progress in 2016.

by Emily Balivet

by Emily Balivet

The expression of individuality is accented now, so in areas where making a positive impression or gaining influence is desired, today and the next few days following this Full Moon may be supportive of this. Creative endeavors that were pushed aside since late 2015 can now be resumed with greater ease and enthusiasm than before.

Mercury is stationing to go Direct on the 25th and making its second of three exact conjunctions to Pluto in a little over a month’s time (December 19th 2015, January 22nd and 29th 2016). Communications are likely to be intense, but we should not obsess about this. We may simply need to stand back in some instance and recognize where we do not have control, but rather we have choice. The choice is in how to respond, and hopefully not react. Easier said than done when people and things are pushing our buttons. Mercury’s close involvement with the Uranus Pluto square encourages us to become more mindful indeed throughout the rest of this month, bringing to light all of the rather unconscious thoughts, patterns and tendencies that undermine us so that we can consciously change them. When we change our thoughts, we change our circumstances. Throughout 2016 we are going to be exercising more of our mental abilities to affect desired changes in our overall productivity and life.

Mars is nearing a conjunction to Juno, heightening many aspects of intimacy whether negative or positive. Both Mars and Juno in the sign of Scorpio indicate the desire for emotional intensity and deep merging in partnerships or projects.

The Sun is conjunct the fixed star Dabih and opposite of the Full Moon, within the left eye of the Goat in the constellation of Capricornus. Dabih is known to exert a strong influence in political customs, and in relation to the Sun and Moon can indicate public criticism, loss through “friends”, censure and trouble between the sexes. In a positive light, this star’s prominence can be favorable for wealth and material success.

Pallas Athene in Aquarius opposite of the Full Moon calls our attention to intellectual pursuits and realizations, particularly those of the revolutionary variety! Our thoughts about what we deem important enough share might not be comfortably aligned with our feelings but the drive for contributing to something greater than ourselves is making itself known.

The asteroid Ptah is 8 degrees Capricorn, loosely conjunct Mercury and in trine to Neptune in Pisces. This asteroid is classified as a highly eccentric and potentially hazardous object, giving us some clue as to its energetic influence upon us. Ptah was the Egyptian god of creation, architecture and craftsmanship and in astrology the asteroid named after him does seem to relate to arts and crafts. Being the designer of the Earth (as was Ptah) is a pretty huge task, so our own responsibility to both our home base and spiritual path is indicated here. Most of us wouldn’t trash our living rooms or beds, so why do we do it to the earth? It might be time for a Feng Shui makeover in the home and office to ring in the Chinese New Year. Ptah will also conjunct Venus at 12 degrees of Capricorn on February 4th, helping to rebuild or solidify the structure of relationships. Ptah pairs up with Pluto on the 7th and 8th, bringing some significant changes to the fore.

With the Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo, we are linking our uniqueness with our connected-ness in ways that enable us to enjoy being social creatures (not necessarily in the company of humans).We are also bringing something meaningful that we have been working on for awhile closer to fruition. This heart centered Full Moon marks a New Year which is worthy of celebration and quality time spent with loved ones.

As a side note, this is a great time to schedule for a reading and/or a list of your own personal Power Dates with me for the year ahead 🙂 In accordance with your birth date and natal chart, Power Dates include the dates and times best suited for new beginnings, endings, and your particular list of plans and goals.


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  1. Hi, I am interested in a reading. A while back June Ahern referred me to you since she has retired from doing readings. When are you recommending readings and what is your fee for your service. Thank you. Becky

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