Endocrine Illness Illuminated

Pertinent during Retrograde Mercury’s current square to Uranus and Saturn’s square to Neptune. Tension is high, nerves are “on end” and minds are reeling. I, for one, have done a lot of recent reflection, not only the subject matter contained in this article but particularly on what we call mental illness in today’s world. Mental illness, a topic for another post altogether, is something that affects us all at some point whether we experience it directly or indirectly. It seems to have been a highlight throughout my life with family and loved ones, with opponents, authority figures, and random strangers. Life for me has been an intense series of breaking out of religious, cultural, and traditional conditionings (Capricorn – the sign we are exiting), shaking out the demons in total irreverence and wild abandon – and drawing unwanted attention to myself during this process at times (Aquarius – the sign we are entering) and exploring cosmic realms and expanded states of awareness, developing higher love and compassion despite all odds (Pisces – the final sign of the Zodiac, before reentering Aries).
Whether one would say it’s karmic, genetics, or just my luck I have had to look long and hard at the causes and effects of some severe mental aberrations in this lifetime, and have dealt with more than my share of people who are very sick in both body and mind. After a lifelong battle with sickness and insanity within myself, along with a false belief that I could never achieve wellness, it eventually became apparent that sometimes we struggle the most when we have internalized the sickness of the world around us. There are patterns inherent in us and patterns we have learned. When we understand this, we can disentangle from the mess we perceive ourselves to be in and gain clarity into our situation and that of others, also helping to liberate them from the chain of pain in that specific area we are most collectively and consistently attacked in – our consciousness. I offer this piece as a ray of hope for those experiencing something similar to what I experienced.

The Psycho-Spiritual Aspects of Brain
and Endocrine Imbalances

“To experience pain is inevitable. To suffer is optional.”
(Zen Aphorism)

Before modern medicine, many people with autoimmune, brain, and endocrine illnesses died slow and painful deaths in isolation and fear. Those fortunate enough to live somewhat peaceful lives had the support of family or friends, and often some sort of spiritual practice that helped them make sense of it all. Now we have the knowledge and the medicines, both allopathic and alternative, to help ourselves, but there still so many who do not realize this, and thus resign themselves to suffering. Unfortunately these illnesses are still sorely misdiagnosed with dire consequences for the patients, by many modern medical practitioners. This is why it is so important for us to educate ourselves.

My first inspiration to writing this article in 2006 was to help others who are experiencing a similar kind of…

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