February New Moon 2-8-16

The Chinese New Year is marked by the New Moon of February, this year falling on the 8th at 19 degrees of Aquarius. In the northern hemisphere, many breathe a sigh of relief at reaching the end of winter’s dark tunnel and seeing the first signs of spring. We are entering the Year of the Monkey, which could bring a high degree of playfulness and success in our cherished endeavors. Monkey years are more progressive and fast-paced than other years, helping us to get out of our ruts and get a lot done.

A theme during this New Moon is around recovering from the many of the sharp blows experienced during Mercury’s retrograde cycle throughout January and dealing its post-shadow still in effect until February 14th. The Gregorian New Year started off with a breakdown in our major channel for communication (at least in astrological terms), Mercury, which formed an agitating T-square between Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and the Black Moon Lilith in Libra. The byproducts of this weren’t exactly pretty to behold. Now Mercury forms a constructive trine Jupiter/North Node and an inspirational sextile to Neptune in Pisces. Solutions to our myriad problems are beginning to appear with greater clarity than before the Retrograde began.

With the New Moon in opposition to asteroid Pandora in Leo it can be a challenge to “keep a lid on” things or maintain hope and positivity in the face of shit storms and hardships. The sign of Aquarius relates to some of our deepest hopes, wishes and goals as well as our methods of reaching for and attaining them. While we are individuals on the one hand, we are interdependent on the other, seldom reaching our goals alone without any sort of aid or intervention, seen or unseen. Whatever our walk in life may be, many of us have allies, teachers, or friends and occasionally those whom we call “kindred spirits” who show up in our lives to assist us or join our cause. Sometimes we choose to join the cause of another group of kindred spirits.

In very tumultuous times such as those we are in we tend to discover who our “real friends” are – those who don’t turn away from our grief, sickness or calamity but stand by and stay tuned, lending their support. We tend to be shown what levels of care, trust, and capacity exist within our interpersonal relationships during crisis whether the difficulties are our own, those of our closest friends or if they are shared. In group settings both positive and negative we also get to see “what we’re made of” in some sense. Do we conform, cave in under pressure, laugh a lot, be a love bug, sulk, go with the flow, throw a fit, take the lead or rain on the parade?

The New Moon is squared by Mars in Scorpio, which has been bringing up uncomfortable confrontations for several days, and in some instances stirring the pot to create trouble where there should have been none. Willpower is strengthened and egos can easily go on a binge in their preferred flavors at this time if extreme emotions are not curbed. The New Moon inconjunct Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo is showing us where we become stifled and stymied, and how we sometimes get in our own way. If we have recently found ourselves barring our own progress, then we have the chance now to step back and reroute.

Sometimes you could go along living your life a certain way for awhile, and then realize one day that you’ve been living in a holographic realm consisting of other people’s ideas and emotions rather than your own. In more acute cases you could be sitting by yourself in a cafe or even in your living room and be blindsighted by a huge wave of energy and anxiety…”is it a bird – a plane – a ghost?” – well it could be any one of those things. It could also be a case of Hive Mind, buzzing its way into your personal space. A dead giveaway that whatever this is is not coming from yourself, per se, is that it has absolutely nothing to do with what you were focused on before it hit. When you discover this, the question is – then what? This is the moment that accentuates your individuality or blends you into the hive.

The airy New Moon’s sextile to its ruling planet Uranus in Aries fluffs and fans our creative energy and enthusiasm, enabling us to break out of stuck areas and open ourselves to new opportunities. Uranus and Vesta in Aries in opposition to the Black Moon Lilith in Libra indicate that the Goddess is alive and afoot, pissed as hell, and taking up arms where least expected. Certain aspects of destructiveness may be regarded as sacred in our lives, when we align ourselves with the divinity within and around us to make necessary changes. A suggested ritual for this New Moon could be centered around ditching a lame energy-draining habit and all the physical baggage that goes with it and committing to a fabulous new one that reflects your true desires and values. Toss out old junk, clear the space for what you really really want. We can call upon the flaming fires of the Goddess of Transformation who goes by many names to burn away all that inhibits and blocks the flow of love, joy, and productiveness in our lives.

Aquarius by Susan Seddon Boulet

Aquarius by Susan Seddon Boulet

The Sabian Symbol at 19-20 degrees of Aquarius:

A Large White Dove Bearing A Message

The keynote of this Sabian symbol is “the answer of spiritual agencies to thorough, sustained and victorious efforts”. It is a sign that efforts made toward spiritual growth, however challenging they might be will show their worth in due time. We are also being reminded of our friends and helpers, and how we can ourselves be of assistance to others around us. Take heart, for at the end of a long struggle, peace will eventually come. This is a day and a week and a month for the purification and renewal of our spirits, allowing those of us who are ready to move forward together with victory and ease in this New Year.


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    Please enjoy this insightful article written by Yerevan regarding the New Moon tomorrow! I found it highly relevant and helpful as far as connecting the dots and confirming what has been highlighted in my life as of late, what has been brought up by the recent Mercury rx, and what is imminent as far as endings and new beginnings helped along by the new moon energies.

    Thanks for the great article, Yerevan!

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