Last Hurrahs & Wakeup Calls at the Gate of Shock in 2016

I don’t know about you, but 2016 has been pretty crazy for me so far, and that’s putting it mildly. I’m no expert at Human Design (TM) but when a friend and mentor recently explained to me that Uranus is in the Gate of Shock right now, basically shaking us out of our ruts, it was almost all I had to hear to get the drift along with the confirmation needed that I wasn’t losing my marbles or being punished by some patriarchal god. 

Uranus in Aries has been in Gate 51, the “Gate of Shock” since June of 2014, very much involved in the square with Pluto in Capricorn. It got me thinking that maybe Gate 51 is a lot like Area 51. You never know what the heck is going to show up. Whatever your recent story is, if chaos, mayhem, disturbance, and madness fit into the picture, great going – you’re right on track! A UFO landing on your house in broad daylight, perfect! If not, not to fret, please just continue to enjoy these enormous shifts or move along with ease, sharing your gifts and spreading your grace to those in need. 

that's what happened
that’s what happened

What’s happening right now is that we’re receiving some major wake-up calls from the Universe about what’s not working in our lives. Like the goddess Kali if she is invoked upon, this aspect of the Universe doesn’t care whether we’re aware of our blocks and comfortable with changes or not. It will do as it sees fit to bring hidden forces to our awareness and either usher us into a environment or a new understanding about our situation here on Earth, so that we can choose next what to do about it.

The chaos will continue until and probably even past May 16th of 2016, when Uranus moves into gate 42, the “Gate of Increase”. Assuming we’re able to gather our wits about us after all that has occurred we’ll be ready to move forward with a greater sense of confidence and security, allowing us to express more of the things and ideas that are deeply meaningful to us.

Since Uranus has a way of pushing our buttons which are unique according to our personal issues and Design, we we need to be alert to the signs and messages showing up, tapping us, tripping us or sometimes coming down hard on us like a two-by-four. Interpretation can be a project of its own.

it's like this
it’s like this

I admit, keeping cool in all of this is VERY HARD to do as a self-motivated/will-based Manifestor (my Human Design type). Year of the Monkey and I’ve been about ready to clobber somebody. But it’s just so not-me. I don’t want to hurt anybody ever! Anger is the Not-Self expression of the out-of-sync Manifestor. When I remember that this world is filled with illusions, my peace is often restored.

With multiple upgrades taking place in numerous areas of our lives, we’ll need to be adaptable and open to new concepts and experiences in 2016. If you don’t already know your type according to Human Design it might be worth looking up to see what your primary Not-Self struggle is and how you can achieve the best results by aligning with your true Self and signature during so much craziness.

  • Generators – Not-Self struggle frustration & annoyance – signature is Satisfaction
  • Manifesting Generators (a Generator sub-type) – Not-Self struggle is both frustration & anger and signature is a combination of Satisfaction and Peace
  • Manifestors – Not-Self struggles are anger and rage – signature is Peace
  • Projectors – Not-Self struggles are bitterness and grief – signature is Success
  • Reflectors – Not-Self struggle is disappointment – signature is Surprise

Have fun with all this if possible and hold on to your Self instead of your hat…you’re gonna be needing it in the months to come!


5 thoughts on “Last Hurrahs & Wakeup Calls at the Gate of Shock in 2016

  1. Very interesting… I’ve been feeling like something is up and I haven’t been myself lately either! I don’t know about human design, but it looks really interesting. I use the chart and it looks like I am the emotional / manifesting generator type which seems to make up a lot of the population. Oh the fun of 2016! What a strange year it’s been so far.

    1. At least this gives us another perspective on what’s up…we can make of it what we will, haha! Strange year indeed – very strange 😀 By the way Human Design has a lot of odd terminology in my opinion, but it begins to make sense when the context is understood. There are no two Manifesting Generators alike (or any of other types for that matter), because different gateways are activated in different variations in each person depending one what time they are born just as in astrology. So maybe the Type is common but the whole picture of your chart is unique 🙂

  2. I’m always a bit leery of the no. 16 due to its association with the Tower card of the tarot. And yes so far 2016 has been pretty weird, and I’m a bit trepidatious re: the upcoming eclipse season in March bringing weather shocks I think.

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