a Full Moon in Virgo collage

Reflections on the Full Moon at 3 degrees Virgo on February 22, 2016 in the form of an e-collage…

in opposition to Neptune in Pisces, stirring up memories, dreams and visions, as full-on activity beckons

Dreams and visionsGraphic3Z87OtCnz (1)

you gotta do what you gotta do – multi-tasking is not ideal but sometimes a necessity (and…don’t forget to meditate while you’re at it – mindfulness is key, as is emptiness)

Hestia by Michele-lee Phelan

Hestia by Michele-lee Phelan





it’s important to have a home-base or safe spot to operate from, inside and out

is there chaos and stuckness or peace and sacredness in the home? we may invoke & honor the Keeper of the Flame for assistance in clearing harmful energy and creating a harmonious home life





tired and run down?

ask and you shall receive healing…let it flow through you……you can never run out of energy when you allow it to run through you instead of from you




the inner self/guru/goddess/sage knows how to do this but we so often forget in this realm

the mysteries of the divine feminine can be as elusive as the unicornethereal-unicorn-cropped


we all come from her great well of mystery

Staxyn Pill Dissolving



as we come to know and heal ourselves, our egos begin to dissolve, because we realize that we are not what we thought we were, or what we currently think we are, and so much is not really quite what it seems…and that comes as a relief



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