Solar Eclipse in Pisces 3-8-16

The Solar Eclipse 18 degrees of Pisces conjunct Ceres, Chiron and the South Node on March 8 is addressing many of the illusions and delusions that have exerted a tremendous impact on us in ways we have only vaguely recognized until recently. An illusion is paradoxical by nature, being the intangible stuff of imagination, perception, and interpretation, yet capable of hurting us very badly in the density of the earth plane. We each carry different illusions based on our early life experiences, and it is the nebulous experiences of long gone days from childhood or past lives that are in some way resurfacing with the lunar tides in our psyches.

With Chiron’s strong influence at this time we are noticing a trigger in our collective and individual pain body, a term coined by Eckhart Tolle used to describe an aspect of the ego that acts as a “psychic parasite”, constantly posing the invisible and insidious threat of self-sabotage upon us. Our egos tend to get us into trouble if we’re not careful, whether overly confident or not confident enough.

The grandiosity and forcefulness of Jupiter is somewhat curtailed in cautious Virgo, which is conjunct the North Node and opposite of the Solar Eclipse. Adding an apparent insult to injury Mars and Mercury have not been mixing well in the days leading up to this Eclipse, highlighting a lot of unresolved conflicts that don’t seem to make any sense. Criticism and judgment could be coming down on us hard, requiring a lot of effort to move past insecurities and old wounds that have not healed but have become re-infected. It is time to address these wounds and lay low rather than to engage in excessiveness of any kind.

When our pain becomes too intense we often look for an escape. Sometimes the methods of escape dig us deeper into a hole of delusion and despair and other times they liberate us from issues that we are not yet equipped to deal with. With the current astrological weather we might be unsure of whether the pain we are experiencing at this time is even our own. Could it rather be the pain of a hundred generations that came before us, or the pain and trauma of our family, friends, or foes? Could it be the pain of Gaia, being trashed and trampled upon?

2016-02-20Simultaneously we may be taking notice of strong synchronicities and signs showing us that we are indeed interconnected with something far more magnificent than we can fully imagine. The most beneficial aspects of this Solar Eclipse in Pisces is heightening our awareness not only of shortcomings, wounds, and illusions but of the truth and beauty of our souls, of nature, and of the many facets of the Divine. It is sparking our creativity and appreciation of music and the arts. In its highest expression it may help to foster a deeper kind of caring and compassion than whatever emotions we have previously associated with love.

Questions relevant to this week’s Eclipse:

  • Are we chasing phantoms (why, how, and where)? Is it safe to stop?
  • When haunted by the past, how is the present abandoned?
  • How can pain be purified, transmuted, directed into creative endeavors?
  • What deeply feeds and nourishes the Soul?

Maybe it’s time to feed our hungry souls rather than to battle with hungry ghosts. For just a few ideas on how to do this ~ finger paint, play an instrument, sculpt clay, sing in the shower, dance beneath the stars, help a sentient being in need, pray and pay homage to your future Enlightened Self. Take a moment to embody the Infinite.


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