Mars Retrograde Charms & Cures

Mars in Sagittarius is rearing up to go Retrograde at 8 degrees of Sagittarius on April 17th. The planet of passion, lust, anger and aggression going backward sounds like a scary thing, and although it can be, it can also bring a settling of discordant affairs. Some people may be more agitated right now than usual, and suddenly might not seem like themselves. Others who blow a gasket regularly will be piping down, chilling out, and in some cases will give zero flips about things they probably ought to if they knew what was best for them.

Mars will reenter Scorpio May 27th, deepening emotional sensitivities and possibly turbulence and reactionary behavior. Experiencing setbacks or an inability to fight is common with this influence, which will last until Mars goes Direct at 23 degrees Scorpio on June 29th. The Retrograde starts with fussing and bit of fumigating and then throughout May and June, all hidden drives and motivations are brought to light for better or worse.

Mercury goes Retograde on April 28th so there’s double trouble to contend with for awhile, for those who choose to view things that way. Believe it or not, sometimes things that have been going all wrong can begin to go right during Retrograde phases. Usually, what happens is a combination of the good and bad, just as during any other time in life.

We have the choice now to affirm that we are going to release toxic habits, integrate the lessons learned and reviewed, embody our true selves and give thanks for the help that we receive in the weeks ahead. Whatever the case may be, here are some charms, herbs and flower essences that might help during this very Retrogrady rite of passage we are entering.


Rocks, Crystals and Gems to wear or carry:

Bloodstone – the stone of victory, courage, strength, success in legal matters and healing. In ancient Babylon it was carried to overcome enemies. It has also been carried by soldiers to either avoid wounds or serve as a magical first aid. It has long been believed to help staunch the flow of blood or to bring balance to blood disorders, including menstrual pain.

Flint – Flint, also known as Thunderstone or Elf Shot is a variety of opaque quartz that was sacred to several Native American tribes, used in many of their healing and magical rituals. It was carved into blades and carried as protective amulets. Use this stone to energetically stop all hateful attacks in their tracks.

Garnet  – a red stone associated with the planet Mars. In the 13th century this stone was used to repel insects, perhaps because of its ability to repel many other types of pests. Garnets are worn and carried to increase energy, strength, good fortune, and as a highly protective shield.

Pyrite – a stone of prosperity, luck and protection (in China this stone has been used to guard against crocodile attacks…most of us live free of this worry but one can never be sure)

Herbs & Essential Oils to take or use externally:

Black Pepper – this is a common kitchen spice that is sometimes mixed with salt to purify the home and protect it from harm. It is considered one of nature’s perfect foods by Yogis, used to cure and prevent diseases of the throat and sinuses (disclaimer – I make no medical claims here whatsoever – try any of this at your own risk!). Michael Tierra, author of The Way of Herbs suggests mixing seven ground peppercorns with honey and taking this each morning.

Ginger – a kitchen spice that brings circulation and aids digestion. This root is also used as an aphrodisiac. It can be shredded and added to cooked or raw foods, and it makes a very warming and calming tea.

Peppermint – a mild adaptogenic herb, inhaled via essential oil as a pick-me-upper to clear the sinuses and stimulate the senses by day, calmative and digestive as a tea by night.

Flower Essences to take internally:

Cliff Rose by Desert Alchemy – This is the essence for overcoming procrastination and all the ifs, ands, or buts that prevent one from acting on their goals. It helps to unite the will, intention and power to act.

Gentian by Bach Flower Essences (available at most “health food” stores) – Gentian helps to become more resilient and patient during challenges and to restore faith and optimism after a setback. The “strength to go on” essence.

Holly by Bach Flower Essences (available at most “health food” stores)– Overcoming feelings of jealousy, rage, hatred and other toxic emotions that build up and burst at the seams. Restoring a sense of trust and love.

Resins to burn:

Dragon’s Blood – a reddish resin burned to clear negativity and evil from a space and to protect it from any intrusions. It can also be carried or bits of it sprinkled around the house or property.

Frankincense – this resin highly prized by the ancients raises the vibration wherever it is carried or burned. It exorcises demons and dispels depression.

Ritual Space:

Mangala is the Sanskrit name for Mars, the red planet and the god of war. For those who are so inclined it could may be helpful to create an altar dedicated to this deity and to recite his mantra on Tuesdays: “Om Mangalāya Namaha”

Some people may prefer to dedicate their altar to a different version of Mars or even a feminine one. Whatever one decides, it might be most effective to use a red cloth, candle or other red object on this altar to symbolize Mars.

Wishing everyone a productive and insightful Mars Retrograde…get ready for a wild ride! 😉


6 thoughts on “Mars Retrograde Charms & Cures

  1. Hey Yerevan…I thought I would post this on here so others can benefit.

    I’ve recently been having a hard time knowing which instincts to trust and which to discard, which action to take and which to pass on. It’s like there’s no sense of clarity in which direction to take. I’m continually making plans and having to cancel them, or even not show up, and it’s driving me crazy! I also made a huge life decision which in the moment seemed to make sense from all angles, but a few days later “hit me” as something that is not for me at all.

    So I’m wondering…are these personal issues or does this sound like an effect of the Super charged New moon and/or Mars in Sagittarius going into retrograde? Wondering what your take is on it?


    • Hi Ilona, thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences here!

      Some of what you are describing sounds like some of the effects of the current square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces which started in November of 2015 and will continue until September of 2016. This is an aspect that makes it hard to see the forest for the trees or to see accurately in many situations. The effects of this transiting square could seem stronger for those with planets with Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini or Virgo. It’s as though some part of what we thought was real and/or important for us is beginning to dissolve, and since the ego tends to tightly cling and identify itself with things and experiences it may at times feel as though we are the ones who are dissolving.

      The Super New Moon in Aries made us more “self conscious”, bringing to our awareness some of the things we identify with and things that we truly desire. Mars in Sagittarius has been assisting in moving toward goals with more energy and bravery. When it’s hard to figure out which direction to take, I find that it’s because I need to slow down and really listen to my heart. What makes the most sense in the long run?

      In a general sense, the current square between Saturn and Neptune is a great challenge to established belief systems all throughout 2016, particularly the religious and patriarchal ones. It’s been a very foggy time for scientists, doctors, and lawyers as well. The more people resist others with differing opinions or outlooks the more they seem to crash and fall.

      Of course some of what you’re experiencing is uniquely your own, but I find that it helps many of us to see how our own inner workings are at times reflected in the whole. The Retrogrades of Saturn (since March 25th), Mars (the 17th), Pluto (the 18th), and Mercury (the 28th) this month make for a lot of introspection and review of past experiences, present actions and future plans.

      Go easy on yourself and trust your intuition. Best wishes! 🙂

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