Scorpio Full Moon 4-22-16

The Full Moon at 2 degrees of Scorpio, April 21st/22nd casts a light on our hidden values, drives and motivations as it reflects the Sun in down-to-earth, beauty-loving Taurus. Much that Taurus represents, particularly things relative to security seem to be challenged under the Scorpion’s lunar gaze. With partnership-focused asteroid Juno so close to this Full Moon the levels of security within close relationships feel threatened for many.


Scorpio, Josephine Wall

Scorpio’s original ruling planet Mars went Retrograde on the 17th and is a very strong influence now. Both Saturn and Mars Retrograde in Sagittarius point to a need to reassess our concepts of what is “truth” and how we go about expressing and defending it. Mars back tracks into Scorpio on May 28th and we have a taste now of how it will be demanding that we become emotionally honest with ourselves, in order to align our actions with our truest desires.

April 22nd is Earth Day, and with the Taurus Sun we are indeed most focused upon beautifying, purifying, and protecting our environments. As we make our way through the mist, mud, or tears of this watery Full Moon we wander the edges of infinite possibilities. If man’s greatest fear is the fear of the unknown how can we venture forth without so much of the fear that tends to immobilize us? If our home planet and its inhabitants are in danger of toxic overload how can we tread lightly upon this earth to preserve its remaining treasures and ensure a safe haven for future generations??

The earth has emotions that we respond to whether we are conscious of them or not. We feel what She feels, especially under glow of a full moon. In Scorpio the feelings always run very deep, like subterranean rivers. Within these feelings is a need to purge, to shed old layers, to become renewed.

Tune in to my next radio show online with KOWS station, on April 26th 9:00-10:00 am PST to hear Chris Brokate, founder of Clean River Alliance share tips on how to clear the rivers and earth of trash with greater efficacy.

Wishing all a healing full moon and weekend!


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