New Moon in Taurus 5-6-16

The New Moon on May 6th is 16 degrees of Taurus conjunct Mercury Retrograde, directly following Beltane, an ancient pagan holiday with Celtic origins which celebrates the union of the Green Man and Green Lady of the woods and of the wilds of nature.

A Grand Earth trine to Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn indicate that although the ground beneath us might feel shaky and we might fear that we are falling into it, the soil is rich and churning, with deep layers ready to reveal new sparkling facets of themselves to the surface.

The New Moon’s inconjunct to Saturn in Sagittarius we must be careful that we’re not taking on the burdens of others and identifying with them as our own. These burdens could be physical, emotional, financial, or spiritual. The point is that there is some area of stuck energy that needs to be redirected so that it can flow freely again.

Vesta in Taurus forming a sextile to Chiron in Pisces supports our inner journeys of self-discovery even if they are emotional and bringing harmony into our homes and most intimate relationships. After spending far too many weeks in the city life (even though the city I live in is quite mild compared to most) I hear the Garden calling me, and I intend to follow…

"summoning elves", a photograph taken by my dear Taurus friend Jessica Rose

“summoning elves”, a photograph taken by my dear Taurus friend Jessica Rose

Taurus, being an earth sign ruled by Venus which represents all those “good things” is encouraging us to look for ways to make our lives more comfortable and enjoyable right now. This sign heightens our somatic awareness, and shows us where and how our minds and habits have disconnected us from our bodies and the rhythms and cycles of the earth. If we honor what is shown to us, we become better custodians of whatever good things we have or have access to, including the Body Temple. We treasure the beauty in each moment. We continue to build in character, strength, energy, magic.

This weekend is an ideal one to take some time to get away from all the noise and chaos, to find some quiet time to reflect and recreate a script or a vision of beauty for ourselves and our lives. This could be done by making a collage, painting, pottery, rewriting a song or singing a cover of a favorite one, going over goals and creating new affirmations. Easy does it…no need to force or rush anything.

Let it come to you.


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