Full Moon in Sagittarius 5-21-16

The Full Moon at 1 degree of Sagittarius on May 21st marks a period of heightened awareness and awakening on multiple levels. As this is the first of two Sagittarius full moons in a row, we are all moving into some new territory, whether physically, spiritually or both during the next few weeks. This Full Moon occurs at the very first degree of the Archer and the second occurs toward it’s end, at 29 degrees on June 20th, the day of the Summer Solstice.

A grand earth trine between Jupiter, the North Node, Pluto and Mercury, the communication planet preparing to station direct on May 22nd is assisting us in maintaining connectedness to our roots as our thoughts and concerns shift from a focus on tangible things to wild concepts, theories and intellectual exchanges. There is a strong fusion of the elements taking place that indicates drawing from many sources to refuel and inspire us. This is a time to remember and to utilize many life skills together within a short time span, to accelerate growth and bring in new opportunities.

The fiery Full Moon is conjunct Retrograde Mars, which is an incredibly hot combination. Ancient Babylonians associated Sagittarius with the soldier, and it is well known that Mars represents male energy, war, and the military among other things. I’m not sure what all of this will entail exactly but we should not be surprised to see much “firing off” during this time through both words and actions.

The first decan of Sagittarius is a very mysterious place, influenced by Scorpio and the Serpent Bearer, Ophuichus. This area is very much connected with ancient healing modalities, herbalism, and shamanism. Mars, midway through its current Retrograde motion is conjunct Yed Prior, a deep yellow star in the left hand of the serpent bearer Ophuichus. We would do well to give attention to self-healing and purification of our thoughts and habits so that they do not become toxic to us later on. Mars will retrace its path back into Scorpio on the 27th.

Sagittarius is known for being adventurous and carefree. With Mars Retrograde conjunct the Full Moon we have to work a little bit for that carefree state. Perhaps what is needed in order to move forward with greater ease is a new, more advantageous angle on things. This is what’s up.

We all have fears that limit us in life. Sometimes the fear is due to trauma, and other times for reasons we cannot quite understand. What is happening now is that we are being forced into confrontations with some of the biggest fears we have, in order to recognize the power that we ourselves lend to them – and to let go. When we realize we are the ones holding onto fear with all our grip and feeling gripped by it, we can let it go and take our power back. Years ago, the movie Fearless was a huge inspiration for me in overcoming what was at the time a severe case of agoraphobia (fear of leaving the house or being in public) that was extremely painful and difficult to deal with. This scene in particular is what got me motivated. Watch, but please do NOT try this at home:

The T-square between Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter with the North Node has been pushing our False buttons like hell recently so that we may strive to become more conscious how of our beliefs and patterns shape our realities. This is ultimately so that we may fully heed our own inner Truth, and thus be liberated from the current model and constraints of time and space.



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