Mutable Full Moon & Month Ahead

Today’s Full Moon in Sagittarius kicks off a series of highly charged interactions involving the mutable signs that will carry on throughout summer. It is also called the Flower Moon, because summer flowers are beginning to appear! However slow or static things may seem to be on the surface, much radical change is upon us. Feelings may seem heavy like a dark thick layer of clouds but our Soul energy, symbolized by the Sun’s rays is soon to burst through.

Mercury slowing down to turn Direct in Taurus on the 22nd could seem to be poking at areas of insecurity and doubt. As this planet of communication moves back into a trine with Pluto (May 30) focus and confidence will begin to return. Decisions may need to be made or revised in the weeks ahead regarding projects, contracts and relationships that began earlier this year and many new options will appear.

2016-05-20_06-19-00_223Venus is nearing the end of her transit through Taurus and approaching an opposition with her divine consort Mars (May 24). The intensity of this aspect could be triggering deep emotions, memories, and longings. Love relationships both new and old are on a huge learning curve, and may take some unexpected turns or travels. Venus is very active in Gemini as June begins, forming a Grand Mutable Square with Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter. She pairs up with the Sun on June 6th, and opposes Pluto from Cancer on June 30th. These next few weeks there may exist the strong desire to express our deepest selves through some form of art – to sing, paint, dance, weave, or drum the notes of our inner knowing and depth.

This is a holy day, honored in Buddhism as the celebration of the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha Shakyamuni. Prayers and rituals are offered as much as possible throughout May and particularly during this full moon, as their effects are said to be multiplied many million times over. Today I wish everyone the peace, healing, and happiness that they most yearn for, in whatever forms or expressions will bring lasting fulfillment.


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