New Moon in Gemini 6-4-16

“Words have incredible power. They can make people’s hearts soar, or they can make people’s hearts sore.” – Dr Mardy Grothe

The New Moon at 14 degrees of Gemini on June 4th activates a whopping Grand Mutable Cross between the Sun, Moon, and Venus in Gemini, Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Neptune and the South Node in Pisces. Watch out for previously pent up, stuck, and dammed energy now bursting forth in all directions. With Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury recently gone direct after a month-long Retrograde things have just switched from “going south” to going on all at the same time.


Mercury’s opposition to Retrograde Mars in Scorpio becomes exact on June 9th. Gossip, slander, flippant behavior, and combativeness may be difficult for some to curb and must be dealt with carefully. As Mercury and Gemini both relate to thought processes and communication it is becoming increasingly important for us to clarify our intentions, verbalize our thoughts in cohesive ways, and to speak up for ourselves.

At the New Moon and during the weeks ahead we will want to team up with allies, friends, family or those we can get along with and most easily express ourselves around. Our minds are more capable of absorbing new knowledge and information than at other times, but the challenge is to integrate it properly and to avoid getting scattered or overwhelmed.

In interpersonal relationships, issues of deception and manipulation could arise. Beware of emo-drama, false promises and meaningless apologies. In many cases, actions do speak louder than words! For those who have healthy relationships it could be time to plan a vacation, to refresh or reinvent the relationship itself somehow.

A square between Vesta in Gemini and Pallas Athene in Pisces further heighten the focus on intellectual pursuits and creative expression. As Demetra George states in her book Asteroid Goddesses, in a stressful aspect between these two asteroids “the potential for political fanaticism may be present”. Yep, that about nails it.


At this time we are reminded the power of the Word to create and affirm our present realities. Do we curse, praise, sully or beautify our surroundings with our speech? Do we pierce with our tongues, conform with monotonous tones, or do we uplift and empower ourselves and each other? Words can shred to bits or soothe and heal the soul. Even sounds and syllables with no apparent meanings have powerful effects on us.

Let us pause in our hectic pace to choose our words wisely, ask the Universe for what we need, and give thanks for what we have. As vibrational creatures made up of invisible star particles our frequencies constantly resonate across time and space, creating, uncreating, and morphing in each magical moment of this perceived existence. What a trip…


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