The Protest Against “Rape Culture” in Astrological Terms

Just when I thought that California law enforcement couldn’t get any crazier, a judge (who now faces a recall campaign) just gave a “slap-on-the-wrist” sentence to a Stanford athlete who raped an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. The crazy-making didn’t stop there, nor did it start there. The father of this young rapist wrote a statement and plea to the court in defense of his son that quickly become infamous. Nevermind the victim. Not exactly what we’d expect during the Sun’s conjunction to Venus, but then again Venus in youthful Gemini is travelling through the Underworld, not visible to us until July 13th (since April 30) and currently in an intensely grating Grand Mutable Cross.

Shortly after that news, it was just broadcast that a student raped in a study abroad program in Puerto Rico is being held responsible for her being raped because she had been drinking when it happened and chose to follow a stranger onto a dark rooftop.

For most of my life until fairly recently I had heard nothing about rape culture. I’ve been sitting by for a couple years watching people rage about this subject unsure as to whether I’ve wanted to participate in the conversation. It’s not that I don’t agree with how awful rape is and how sexist our legal system can be. It’s just that when it comes to rape there is always so much more that is not talked about that seems even more taboo than the topic itself. Perhaps we’ve made some progress by at least acknowledging that this happens on a massive scale. What I find equally appalling is the way that we have collectively been raped and beaten into submission as a species – men, women, children, and the animals we call food.

Rape Culture is as old as the Gods

When the American documentary Rape Culture came out in 1975, Saturn in Cancer was in a cardinal square with Pluto in Libra. Authority was being questioned as a whole, equal rights were suddenly demanded and feminism was gaining momentum. Women with great determination had come forward to illustrate the ways victims (primarily female) are often blamed for sexual assault and men who rape are given sympathy by society. They are often coddled by their parents and excused for their perverse behavior by close friends. In the late 70s, the normalization of sexual violence against women through the media was being challenged, as it is yet again by women all around the world.

There was a bit of a gap between the late 70s and our present day in which rape was not so widely discussed. If ever a culture of rape would be seriously challenged by society in general it would be during Pluto/Dark Lord of the Underworld’s transit through Capricorn (2008-2023), sign of the patriarchy and long-standing traditions, no matter how crappy those traditions may happen to be.

berniniproserp372Eris, the small planet named after the Goddess of Discord and sister of Ares entered into a tight conjunction with the Great Awakener, Uranus in Aries, in mid-2015 that will last until mid-2017. The astronomer who discovered this dwarf planet originally wanted to name it Persephone, which would have connected it (and probably still does connect it) with the archetype of the goddess who was raped by Pluto and forced to become his bride and Queen of Hell. This may have a little something to do with the recent resurgence of the protest against rape, such as the huge protests in Brasil triggered by the rape of a 16 year old girl by 30 men. Although a slow moving planetary body with seeming little influence much of the time, when she’s finally got something to say it will be sharp – Eris is not the one you want to piss off.

Saturn in Sagittarius (2014-2017) is about exposing the truth, no matter how ugly it is. If there will be justice to rape victims it’s going to increase during this transit because the truth about rape is coming out. What about “child molestation culture” since we’re going there with this collective protest? What about the crimes many of our popes, priests, and politicians have been known to commit? The Clintons have an extensive rape crime history behind them and yet still, Hillary is allowed to run for president. Don’t bother telling me that she represents the “Feminine”.

Even Bernie Sanders who seems like the most benign candidate in support of human rights we have seen in ages was quoted from an alternative newspaper called Vermont Freeman in 1972, mentioning rape in a rather disturbing way:

“A woman enjoys intercourse with her man — as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously.”

No. We need to get to bottom of this and get out of this Freudian rape fantasy mind-slip and there’s no time like now. Period.  I’m sure this is preaching to the choir for most who are reading this post (if they can get past the Bernie quote), but I’m going to break it down further because, yeah…if everyone really understood these concepts so well we wouldn’t have such horrific rape statistics.

Education and Soulutions

Male or female, it starts with taking responsibility for our own actions – not the actions of others. An attractive woman wears a mini skirt? So what. Admire beauty and move on. If she didn’t ask you for sex, then you have no right to so much as lay a finger on her OR project your sick fantasies on to her. Be a decent human being and if you are really hot and bothered go fap at home. Oh, a random woman is lying unconscious on the side of the road? You might dial 911 if you had a conscious.

Stop telling boys it’s ok to have sex with whoever they want and show them how to be a real man. Stop telling girls they should be polite no matter what, always look pretty and stay within the parameters of the activities that are designed just for them. Boys and girls are not necessarily told these things by their parents but they copy what they see on television.

Here’s the real kicker – our children are led by more by example than with our words. In this case, words be damned.

Many women have never been shown how to defend themselves, but even some of those who have, have been cornered and bullied by more than one rapist at a time. Some women even put themselves in harm’s way, because they abandoned themselves long before a rape even occurred. They learned self-loathing from their upbringing. That’s really sad indeed. We should not humiliate and punish them further but provide them with education, refuge, a chance for healing and recovery.

Women, myself included need to stop apologizing for trivial things (the list is endless, but especially expressing a strong opinion that offends someone – oops!) or things they have no control over (like having a menstrual cycle). This might seem irrelevant but it is actually directly related to our attitudes about rape, which happens to men, women, and children mentally, emotionally, and spiritually just as much as it happens physically, if not more so. Who and what are we catering to with our endless apologies and subdued energy that stifles our creativity and life force?

We don’t talk about the ways that we as a society have been psychologically raped, either because we’re ignorant of that fact or it’s too painful for us. Most of us were not shown how to love and respect ourselves, let alone others. Obviously our cultural sense of sympathy and empathy is all screwed up and backward.

With Venus and Mars (Mars Retrograde in Scorpio) both currently plummeting the realms of darkness, there is noticeable conflict between love and the passions. We’ve been experiencing confusion, and witnessing so much cruelty in the world for the past couple of weeks.

I’m not a “feminist” by man’s definition of the word and didn’t expect to publicly share my 0.02 on this topic. Since I’ve been hearing and seeing so many people talking about it lately I figured it might be an appropriate time to chime in.

The Black Moon Lilith entered Scorpio on May 21, 2016 where she is at her most dark, dangerous, and potent, with a force much like that of the Hindu goddess Kali Ma. During this transit until late February 2017 the power of sex to heal and destroy will become even more evident. We may come face-to-face our hidden wounds and shadows and hopefully take steps toward re-integrating the aspects of ourselves that have been fractured due to rape or other trauma.


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