Full Moon in Sagittarius 6-20-16

The Full Moon on June 20th is at the anaretic degree (29th) of Sagittarius, closely aligned with the Galactic Center. Suddenly after a period of stuckness, delays and limitations since late last year there are so many possibilities opening up and so much energy at our disposal that it can be tricky to know which way to go.

The Full Moon T-squares Chiron in Pisces which has been bringing up some very old wounds and painful memories during the past week that we may either feel overwhelmed by or finally ready to acknowledge and release. A lot of us are processing all that has radically changed for us during the past several months.

An opposition to Venus in Cancer increases desires whatever they may be and puts us in the mood for creature comforts. Here is where we may pause in the middle of our rugged voyage and reach for the nearest thing that reminds or gives us the feeling of love, security, wealth and beauty. The full moon’s sextile to Juno in Libra heightens this impulse for connection, goodness, or being able to cozy up to that someone that we are quite fond of. If a alone a blankie, cup of hot cocoa and book or favorite movie could be equally appealing. On the other hand, relationship differences could become a source of irritation, especially in situations where one (or more) feels quite out of place.

A mutable grand square involving Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune is reactivated a second time this month, this time by Mercury paired with Vesta in Gemini (initially by Venus). Whatever we have been waiting or yearning to do, express, or experience is closer within reach but we must continue to put forth effort.

A fire trine to Uranus and Ceres in Aries brings sparks of electricity to creative endeavors. We simply don’t want to hold back what we’re really thinking and feeling right now which could be really great or scary for certain people. It would be wise to take care not to go overboard.

This Full Moon is extra special of course because it occurs with the Solstice, Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. During this time our senses are significantly heightened, our souls indicating to us the progress that we are making in our embodied states. The Sun will soon move into Cancer, signaling a shift of focus from the airy realms of the mind to the watery depths of emotion, dreams, and intuition.


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