July Horoscopes 2016


Here are the horoscopes, as published in Sonoma County’s Upbeat Times:

Aries (March 19th – April 19th)

We know that you’re no shrinking violet but that doesn’t mean you are always sure of yourself.  You could experience some amazing opportunities to confront your fears and jump out of your comfort zone this month. Your energy levels are high and may lead you to new and exciting terrains. Loved ones might feel that you are moving too fast or far away, so try to explain your intentions as clearly as possible. Your career may also undergo transformation.

Taurus (April 19th – May 20th)

Things that have appeared foggy for a few weeks clear up this month. A romantic or familial relationship could take a turn either for better or worse, but ultimately what is indicated by this is a growing need to follow your own heart, hopes, and dreams. This month favors the pursuit of your heart’s fondest passions and artistic expression. You could be financially compensated for a contribution you have made to your community or society in some way.

Gemini (May 20th – June 20th)

Part of your enigma this year has revolved around discerning what kind of work is worth your effort and what kind isn’t. Friends and/or allies that you have been waiting for will finally show up this month. This means you may receive the help that enables you to recognize where you’re stuck and how to break free and be more successful. Your luck and opportunities in love and money are increasing. The conditions of your existing relationships are improving.

Cancer (June 20th – July 22nd)          

By returning to a beloved source of inspiration this month, maybe within the pages of book, underneath a tree, or some other place or theme, you could experience a deep inner renewal. In general you’ll also be able to relax and accomplish more because the extreme tensions of your previous year are fading away. If a relationship intensifies with your own worries or that of your partner, you’ll know exactly how to restore the security.

Leo (July 22st – August 22nd)

Your creative self-expression is a highlight this month. It may be important that you find a safe way to release a backlog of pent up emotions. It would also be an optimal month to address any health concerns you may have had lately, as they will be easier now to remedy. If you have an interest in someone romantically, your boosted confidence will lead you to discovering if this is mutual. You’re being encouraged to take a few reasonable risks!

Virgo (August 22nd – September 22nd)

There is a lot that you may be reflecting upon, having reached the first half of this year. Your first impulse might be to fix or solve all the issues around you, but you see if you continued in that way you’d never rest. A realization may come to you as to how much you are taking on. It is important to take responsibility for your own actions but know when you can and cannot improve the conditions of others. Fortunately, your powers of influence are increasing.

Libra (September 22nd – October 22nd)

What have you been putting on the back burner? It can’t wait any longer. Problems you’ve been trying to solve and projects you may have tried to launch move forward after a long period of obstacles or stagnancy. You’ll have the freedom you have been craving, with luck on your side. Due to circumstances, you may be prompted into making decisions that you would not have considered before. Significant change is underway in your home life.

Scorpio (October 22nd – November 21st)

With Mars now moving forward thought your sign after a lengthy period of review, things are getting easier overall. Only fear would stop you now, so try to think positive. Conversations with colleagues and coworkers could be very heightened and more interesting than usual. Focus may be drawn toward scientific pursuits, archeological findings and world events less talked about. Your social life becomes a source of enjoyment this month.

Sagittarius (November 21st – December 21st)

The tone of your relationships lightens up in many ways in July. You could experience the powerful release of an issue that has been itching at you all year. It would be wise to make personal investment in something tangible that means a lot to you which might be a house, a child’s education, or something completely different from the norm. If you’ve been working hard or suffering from disappointment, there is more pleasure in the weeks ahead.

Capricorn (December 21st – January 20th)

Even if things start off on an intense note, this will be a month to celebrate some of your greatest achievements. Your nerves might be sensitive so take time to relax in between the hustle and bustle of daily affairs. Be especially careful on the road. A major peak experience that is unique to you is the highlight of your month, which could be challenging whether it is viewed as positive or negative in nature. To help keep your wits about you, laugh a lot!

Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th)

In July your work load might increase, along with your financial flow. Taking special care of your home, health, and appearance are also appropriate ways to direct your energy in the weeks ahead. You or someone close to you may have been discovering things about yourself that might seem shocking, strange, or entertaining. Whatever the case may be, you’re likely to attract some bohemian characters and situations as the month unfolds.

Pisces (February 18th – March 19th)

If you experienced many setbacks and delays this year, you’re getting back on track with your goals this month. You’re also becoming a bit hot and bothered about someone or maybe just in general. It’s time to bring some spice into your life, and you may seek this out with an existing or new partner. It would be very helpful to you now and in the near future if you clearly define what it is exactly that you want to manifest the rest of this year.


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